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Every Day is Earth Day

This morning my social media feeds are filled with admonitions to take care of mother earth, to protect nature, to save the world. For many of the sites that I follow, those directives are an everyday occurrence, not a plea that resounds throughout the community once a year. It does not take grand gestures to celebrate Earth Day; there are commitments that are easily integrated into everyday life that make every single day, earth day.


1. Carpool or use alternative and public transportation. Carpooling even with just one other person is a bonus for reducing traffic and traffic emissions.

2. If you aren’t in a position that allows you to use alternative transportation as often as you’d like, please support those who do walk or bicycle for transportation. Join advocacy groups for pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. Let your local politicians know that alternative transportation is important to you.

3. Pick up trash. If you notice that not everyone around you is practicing a Leave No Trace routine, help us all out by cleaning up trash whether it’s on the trail or in the parking lot.

4. Recycle when you can. This is an area I need to work on. We are lucky that our waste management picks up recyclable trash but where I need more effort is in our collection of stuffs. Stuff clutters my house, my shelves, my car, my garage. Why do I have so much stuffs? I have so much stuffs I need more stuffs to store my stuffs in. This is a blatant violation of the rules of living the simple life.

5. Waste less, compost more. We’re working on this one too. My kid was disgusted by the leftover romaine lettuce butt-stalk in the fridge. I quietly explained that I was planning to attempt to re-grow the lettuce as we had been doing with green onions. She’s the one who made us start composting again after losing our big mesh bins to a dog who liked to chew.

6. Get out and enjoy the dirt. Visit and support your local, city, state and national parks. Give when they ask,  help keep them clean, and when necessary-fight to keep them open and well funded.

A much longer and detailed list of great ideas can be found on one of my favorite sites Attainable-Sustainable.

National Resources:

Leave No Trace    Gardens from Garbage   US Composting Council   Women Bike   League of American Bicyclists   Bike Walk Alliance   National Park Service

Local Resources:

Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas   Bike/Ped Little Rock   Arkansas State Parks   Arkansas Recycling Coalition



Rewild Your Life

I’m Rewilding my life! This great idea came from We Are Wildness, a website encouraging folks to spend time in the natural world; studying, enjoying and learning our place within it.
It’s the 4th day of September so this is about 5 days late. Sometimes I forget to share things in a timely manner. I do not have a blog calendar no matter how many times I’ve been told that it’s the only way to be organized about writing. I’d rather live my life like a rabid squirrel, constantly looking for nuts but being too distracted to actually pick them up and hide them.
The Rewild Your Life challenge is to spend 30 minutes each day in a natural setting without electronics except to take pictures. Days One and Two were easy, it was the holiday weekend and we were camping by the lake.


Bikes, Kayak and Paddleboard. Ready for action.

Day Three I had to search but not too far because my workplace is set in the middle of a rural area and we’re surrounded by forest. I’m going to call getting to the treelined edge of campus a win in this situation. Today will most likely be the same, with a 10 hour workday in a concrete bunker followed by the needs of the family: school open house, errands and a hot meal on the table. There is a part of me that would like to claim reading about being outside as reaching the goal but I know in my soul, it is not the same as being there. The goal remains the same: to do something each day that reminds me where I find my peace.

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