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My Everything Hurts

My friend Stephanie turned her head as we ran down the trail during the Sylamore 25K and said, “My everything hurts.” I knew exactly what she meant. Some days there are those runs when there is not a specific pain, no calf cramp or side stitch, not a burning hamstring or a blister. There are days when so much hurts that the pain can not be specified.

I have claimed in the past that I would never run a road marathon yet found myself attempting a third road marathon within 65 days this past weekend. For marathon #1, the starting temp was right at freezing but the day warmed up to the 50s and partly cloudy. For #2 the weather was slightly colder and stayed cold but we did have a little sunshine. On the morning of #3, the temperature was 56 degrees when we arrived in the parking lot about 45 minutes before start time. By start time the temperature had started to fall. By the time our corral made it to the starting line 45 minutes after start time, the temps had fallen about 15 degrees, there was a cold spitting rain, the winds had picked up, and we had stood shoulder to shoulder for nearly an hour. We were cold, our muscles were tight and we couldn’t wait to get moving. Ashley and I had looked forward to the day, our 3rd of 3 marathons we needed to become Marathon Maniacs, a goal she set for herself and I agreed to join to share the joy of her journey. Rain, cold, sleet or wind would not stop us from reaching the goal. We set off at a pace that was a bit ahead of our earlier finish time paces. We agreed that we would also try to limit our stops and not stop to take photos or chat with friends as we had been prone to do in our previous races. This was the race we’d been looking forward to, this was to be the crown.

We're off!

We’re off!

Every few miles we would see my sweet hubby who was riding his bike around the course taking photos and checking on us. We also ran into our friend Christine who was out cheering her spouse and his pace group, the one we meant to be in but got in front of at the start.

Hi! Can I stop for a kiss?

Hi! Can I stop for a kiss?

By mile 12 the temperature had dropped 20 degrees, the wind was gusting up to 20mph, and we were wet. I’m not going to say we were all happy happy joy joy, but we were still determined to finish and told each other that we could take it easier in the hills of the Heights neighborhood that were coming up. Then as we rounded a corner, we saw a policeman jump out of his car so quickly he left the door open and he began yelling at us to stop. We were right at a point where the half marathon was heading down for their last mile to the finish line. The policeman told us the course was closing due to severe weather and we were to immediately go to the finish line. We only got to complete 14+ miles. We went to the finish, collected our unearned medals, and in our disappointed and unbelieving state, wandered past all the people celebrating their finishes with photos and cheers and sat huddled under the only protection we could find from the wind and rain for 30 minutes while waiting on a ride. We had nowhere to go since we were forced to  finish in less than half the time we projected. I could not think of how to comfort Ashley. We sat shivering in the cold, our fingers frozen, still in a bit  of denial of the day’s events. My everything hurt, including my heart.

Upon reflection, though that moment of being handed the giant medal was undeserved and unearned,  it was also unimportant.  I have  a wonderful experience of my very first road marathon to hold on to. I have a great weekend of travel that included a big batch of off-site cheerleading from my sweet blogger friend Delta Moxie and a wonderful finish to my second marathon with Ashley. And this weekend, I got to spend an afternoon with my friend, shopping and talking at the marathon expo where we met the badass  mother runners who were so funny and encouraging.


We heard Bart Yasso share some stories, inspiring us to continue seeking adventure, not just finish lines and had our moments of “ohmygod Bart Yasso just retweeeted us!”. We had a beautiful dinner at one of my favorite restaurants before crawling into bed. I spent the next morning running with my favorite running partner and fellow porta potty enthusiast. It may not have ended the way we planned but that doesn’t diminish the journey.

The Trifecta

The Trifecta



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9 thoughts on “My Everything Hurts

  1. You two are super marathon maniacs. So proud of y’all. I can’t imagine your initial disappointment, but so glad you found the bright side. Inspiring post. Big hug!

  2. So sorry that the weather wasn’t that great. I was thinking of you two and hoping you had escaped the cutoff. Sounds like it was a confusing experience with people ending up at a WMT waiting for buses so at least you missed out on that side trip!

    • Whit- it was SO confusing. We just happened to be at a spot with a zealous officer, I heard stories all day of people continuing on but I admit, because of our later start and our slower pace, we would have been running in a freezing cold downpour if we had continued. No race director wants to risk hypothermic runners. It was the right thing to do, I just we had gotten more than 14 in. We think we may have been the first ones re-routed. No one at the finish line when we arrived even knew the race had been re routed. They were as confused as we were.

  3. Lisa, thank you so much for suffering with me. Remember when you told me that you owed me big time for taking the donkey? We’re even now. I’m pretty sure no one else on Earth would do what you did for me.

    I have chosen to forget yesterday ever happened. The Expo happened, Bart Yasso happened, The Pantry happened, but yesterday is just an sad dream that I awakened from and ate pizza and watched part of Spiderman…

    • I think that’s the healthiest attitude. There is too much good to worry about the bad for too long. I wonder if anyone wonders what the deal is when I thank you for the donkey? Just between us, we’ll always have Molly.

  4. That really does stink, but I’m glad it was for weather reasons and not something worse!

    • Exactly! It could have been for injury, or hypothermia considering the weather. It could have been a lot of things much worse than an attempt to keep everyone safe.

  5. So proud of you two! Y’all are so inspiring. And yes, you are maniacs.

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