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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Oh my god it’s squirting all over me!

In the midst of a run things are said, that if taken as a sound bite, are funnier than hearing them in context. As my sweet friend Katy and I listened to the thick mud suck at our shoes like a junior high boy who still hasn’t figured out that whole kissing thing, “oh my god it’s squirting all over me!” was a perfectly reasonable exclamation.

Shoe Sucking Mud

Shoe Sucking Mud

I had a chance to participate in another inaugural run this past weekend, The Fit4Life Village Creek State Park 10K/25K Trail Run. I love that clubs and companies are filling in the usual lull in winter races with great events. It was a cool, but thankfully not cold, damp morning at Village Creek State Park in Wynne, Arkansas. The biting wind was making it a bit worse but considering temperatures had dipped into single digits the previous week, the weather was cooperating. If only it hadn’t been raining for four days! I think everyone was prepared for a little mud, but a little mud was not what they got, there was a lot of mud: trail disguised as big, wide, long, open fields of mud and ankle to calf deep creeks that in summer would be hard packed double track. I LOVED it. I admit it, I’m a dirty girl. I love mud runs and never hesitate to run straight into water barriers that others might term “cesspools”.

Cesspool of Joy

Cesspool of Joy

Fulfilling my desire to continue running with friends who keep things interesting and fun, I was lucky that another dirty girl had chosen to get up long before the sun for the drive from Little Rock. I clung to her like I was the new kid at school and she dared to make eye contact with me. Despite her protestations that she was “too slow” for me and warning that she was a cranky pants, I was staying with her. This girl doesn’t know from cranky pants. Six morning miles in a little mud is nothing. So we plodded our way in the mud, sometimes if she slowed, I stomped in puddles and glissaded the mud down steep inclines, daring my balance to fail and face plant me in the muck. Didn’t happen. We talked about our mutual friends which could be construed as gossip but I like to think of it as “discussing their life situations and deciding if/when intervention is necessary.” Really, we talk out of concern for those we care most about. Those we want to rag on, we do it to their face.

Dirty Girls

Dirty Girls

We finished in due time, muddy, a little sweaty and ready to cheer for our friends who had run the full 25K. I even waited about an hour before I cleaned up. I’m that girl, the one who walks around wearing her mud splattered clothes and shoes that have enough dirt to plant a small garden on them. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


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2 thoughts on “Oh my god it’s squirting all over me!

  1. Dirty, dirty girls. Looks like y’all had fun. I was going to run this race, but I forgot whoopsie :-/

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