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It’s Like Going to Camp

In just a few minutes I’ll be walking out the door for year #2 at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference. I packed too much. When women hear “3 day conference” I think the words in their head say “you’re leaving forever, take ALL your shoes!”


I admit that possible the best thing that happened last year was blogger extraordinaire The Park Wife put me in a room with this girl. That park wife, she’s a genius.


Bring on the fun Ashley Girl!


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3 thoughts on “It’s Like Going to Camp

  1. it was so great to meet you. that is the first real 5k that i have run. i set out to walk/run and then just ran the whole thing! it probably helped that my girl sarah was by my side. i love outdoor sportyfun, but have never found a love of running, but trail running made it 5x better. being somewhere beautiful and having to keep your mind engaged made it so fun.
    thank you!! look forward to keeping up with your fun!

    • Oh dear sweet Terra, I love that you found the music in the dirt, it’s there if you listen. And running with a friend IS often better. I hope this is the beginning of many trail runs in your future!

  2. Can’t wait to hear about all of the fun you had!

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