Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.



After running the 16.25 miles of gravel and hills in the dark last Saturday night, and staying up all night to greet not just the 50K runners but the sunrise as well, I felt like I should rest a bit on Monday. But Tuesday I was back in the gym and the workout was brutal. B-rutal

Run 800m 400m 200m
After each run perform the following in 21-15-9 rep sequence:
Thruster 65lb
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 45lb
Ball Clean 14lb
Wall Ball 14lb

And the Burpees were REAL ass burpees. All the way to the floor, release hands, push back up and JUMP. And those Ball Cleans? Sounds easy with 14lb but we had someone there to call NO REP if the ball turned instead of your hands completely releasing to change position on the ball for the clean. Lord have mercy. 28 min 19 sec of pure torture.

Wednesday I went back for more and it was lunges. Can you believe it? What sadistic hat holder came up with these two workouts back to back after I just did a tough run?

Strength: Weighted lunges carrying a 35lb kettlebell by the horns at chest level 5 x 25 yds
Conditioning: for time 30x Power Snatch 65lb, Run 1000m

It may have been one of my slowest runs ever. Or it could be that I had a little trouble with my snatch (make up your own jokes, I know you will anyway). Either way it took 11:05 when I should have been able to break 10 easily. It made me feel worthless and weak. No it didn’t, but I like to use that line a lot.

At this point I’m walking like an 85 year old woman with a stick tied across her back. I have to use the rails in the ladie’s stall to sit down AND get back up. When I walk the stairs I make that sound, you know the sound…”ooof…oh…ow…uuunnnnggghhh”
I decide to give my sore behind a rest and get some cardio in with a mountain bike ride. Luckily that whole opposing muscle thing worked out & the ride was great, good times with the girls. The second lap included a track stand in the middle of a rock garden that I’ll never be able to repeat but I fell while standing still in the parking lot with one foot clipped in. That’s just how I roll.

Now I’m sitting on the couch, yes sitting. I’m not terribly sore despite yesterday’s nearly 200 yards of Farmer Carries with 50lb kettlebells in each hand and 350 air squats when I got the NO yell if my ass didn’t touch my calves. It’s the coolest morning we’ve had in probably a month and I’m not outside. How is this even possible? I need to find a way to get outside.


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