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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Loud Penis

Sometimes bonds of friendship are built on superficial commonalities: we run so we’re friends, we cycle so we’re friends, we like beer so we’re friends, we like to do all those things so we’re a super athletic AA group?
And then there are those bonds built on something deeper, a feeling of kinship, a connection of spirit when you realize that there is another person who sees the world in much the same way as you. Perhaps that person possesses a quality you wish you were better at expressing or maybe it’s a quality you adore in others but tend to suppress in yourself. So when we find a group of people who make us feel like we are not just accepted, but that we have value within the group, we tend to stick around.

My husband regularly asks me to keep my filter in place lest I allow everything I think to spill out of my mouth. This is actually something I love and adore about a number of my friends and some of my family. I love their willingness to do or say things that are “inappropriate” in the name of fun and friendship.
Standing at the finish line of the Ouachita 50K I was talking to sweetheart Jen who has been encouraging me for the past year to try this kind of distance running. We were enjoying a post race recovery drink and conversing about why, despite her second place overall female finish, she did not receive one of the much coveted rooster trophies. This led to many uses of the words big and cock which was a totally inappropriate, however accurate reaction to her missing out on the big rooster. During this tirade against feathered and cock combed creatures, a  large pickup truck comes around the corner revving his engine with tailpipes firing. Without missing a beat, Jen, with a serious face and even more serious voice said “Oh my god did you hear his penis? His penis is so loud! Can you BELIEVE how loud his penis is?” Thank you Jen for being willing to state the inappropriate but obvious conclusion about this man’s belief that his penis deserves to be heard over the everyday din of traffic.


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4 thoughts on “Loud Penis

  1. BigFan on said:

    But you wouldn’t take your shirt off on Church Hill……

  2. The topic title alone cracked me up. Its fun to be inappropriate around friends sometimes.

    • Lisa on said:

      Distance trail running-people talk about poop, there are tums & Imodium & pepto at aid stations. You might be out there for hours with the same people, discussions about hangovers, chafing, lost toenails, calluses, bodily functions in the form of smell, sound or consistency, childbirth, poison ivy rashes you’re embarrassed to even show your spouse , it’s all just passing the time.

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