Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Lovely Day

Girlfriends. My girls. It’s been a long time since I had girls. Perhaps decades, since High School. We don’t need to get in to how long ago High School was. My girls are the reason I stuck it out at a gym that wasn’t working. They were there for me. I needed that support as much as I needed the workout. My girls are the reason I decided to go new gym shopping. I knew I’d need them wherever I ended up. Neither of them run or bike, at least not outside, so they don’t join me in those endeavors but they support it. I get the “good job!” and “congratulations!” and the “omigod yur cray cray, but we’re happy it makes you happy!” from them. And occasionally there is an alignment of the planets and one of them joins me in the dirt.

Lisa and Holly, Trail Race Bliss

Lisa and Holly, Trail Race Bliss

Kristi had been wanting to try spin class so she was happy to have me for company to give it a whirl. Plus, I am the one who owns a bucket full of bike shorts that she could borrow before spending money on a pair only to find out she didn’t enjoy the class or the shorts weren’t necessary for her. So we show up on a Wednesday morning at 5:15 a.m. By the second song we knew we had chosen the right instructor/day to come in. I don’t want to admit how long ago High School was, but Kristi and I often bond through the music of our youth. She always calls me Lisa Lisa, as in Cult Jam. Look it up youngsters. This spin class took us back to our High School years, there was Sir Elton, there was Deee-Lite…Groove is in the Heeeaaart. Oh lord, who says “my succotash wish”? No one. Ever. Except Lady Kier. Well that one would have been even after college for me but still a youthful musical memory.  And then when we couldn’t love her music choices any more, we started a long slow climb to this.

After which Ms. Kristi sat back in her saddle and said, “thank you Billy Withers.”

When the day that lies ahead of me

Seems impossible to face

When someone else instead of me

Always seems to know the way

Then I look at you

And the world’s alright with me

Just one look at you

And I know it’s gonna be

A lovely day.

I have a new place to workout. I have new classes to try. And I still have my girls. It’s a lovely day.


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