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Runner Problem #57

toenails for sissies

This morning I saw a Facebook post by my friend Ashley reminding everyone doing the Little Rock Marathon this weekend to cut their toenails. Non runners look at comments like this and think “what the heck?”
The heck is that distance running, especially trail running, even in good shoes and socks, is tough on toes. You think older men have janked up feet? Check out a long time distance runner’s feet. Years of wear and tear is evident in the missing/thickened/you need a dremel to file those suckers.

I don’t run distance all the time but winter usually brings out my trail running goddess. For at least the past three years I have lost the second toenail on my right foot, typically just in time for sandal wearing season. This year I got a head start and lost it early. It might be crusty enough to paint to look like a toenail soon. Nice mental image? You’re welcome.



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3 thoughts on “Runner Problem #57

  1. Thee nasty stuff nobody wants to talk about.. Ive “lost” a few toenails from running.. Shoes were fine, but on trails I tend to grip with my toes and it wreaks havoc on the nails.. I did paint what little bit I could of mine.

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