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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Running on Empty

My “training” for the upcoming 50k trail run in April is teaching me a lot about my body. I know my short run schedule is not what it should be. I only have time on weekdays for one workout and I typically choose a cardio circuit over a run every chance I get. I claim to be testing the theory that strength training, cardio work and plyometrics are as beneficial as short runs. I’ve read articles that claim the long runs are the key then I find an article that says long slow distance runs are not important, working on increasing pace over distance is key. Aaarrgghh I’m just gonna run how I feel. This weekend’s long run was 13 miles. I got the first 5.5 done, all on trail, and it was slow-ish. I called that my warm up for what was supposed to be a 3.7 mile race that ended up being just 3. My pace was almost 2min/mi faster, as it should have been since it was a “race”. It’s the pace I’d like to be able to keep for most of my 50k, my long distance goal pace. But at the end of the race while waiting for awards I realized it had been more than 3 hours since breakfast, I’d already run 8.5 miles, and other than fruit, the post race food choice was chili. I still needed at least 4 more miles. Chili was not a good idea. I have a lot of stored energy AKA fluff AKA love handles AKA junk in the trunk. But I also know that while those stores serve me well for all day hiking expeditions, it doesn’t work for running. A Honey Stinger Waffle or a spoon of peanut butter would have done wonders for that last 4.5 miles. Instead I trudged. My knees started to ache and my feet started to shuffle more than run. Another learning experience. Feed for speed!


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One thought on “Running on Empty

  1. Pennie M on said:

    I know what you mean! I’m still trying to find the right way to fuel for different runs or cycling activities. On my last long run of 12 miles I only used water and Skratch. I wanted to see how my body would respond with out any GU (which is my go to choice for getting some calories during a run). I needed something before those last 2 miles!!

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