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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.


I’m winning! And not in a Charlie Sheen-Tiger Blood kind of way. I have a habit of sitting down and catching up on neglected blog readings in big chunks. Just before the Holidays I was catching up on my favorite outdoor blogs when I noticed that Buff Inc. Blog was doing a 12 Blogs of Christmas. Intrigued I read them all ranging from that recent cycling scandal to setting PRs to favorite hiking trails.

Each “episode” carried with it a small prize package that would be up for grabs by answering a question relating back to the blogpost. Of course I answered them all, not because I expected to win but because I was enjoying the blogs and the questions. It was a game which I was also playing with my spouse while we contemplated each answer though the How do you feel about governing bodies removing cycling titles? had already been discussed ad nauseam. My winning question: If you could transport yourself to the ultimate hiking trail right now, which one would you want to be on and why? My answer was the Appalachian Trail because it’s on my bucket list. High on my list.


I got the email from Buff a couple of weeks later letting me know I’d won a prize package of a new merino wool Buff for my collection of Buff headwear, a Deuter ACT 24 backpack and a pair of socks from Woolrich. Color this outdoor girl excited. My new backpack and Buff arrived in the mail in quick order.
I took my new backpack on a hike in the Buffalo Point Recreation Area. Outdoor boy wanted to hike to see a large Indian cave dwelling on the Indian Rockhouse Cave Trail. The day was warm for January, sunny and hovering around 60 degrees so I packed water, lunch, a towel, a trail guide and a light jacket in my new pack with plenty of room to spare. The pack allows for a water bladder, has lots of organizing pockets inside and out and a rain fly.


The multi adjustable straps were easy to fit. It isn’t women’s specific so I expected trouble with the shoulder adjustments as that issue has come up with many packs I’ve tried but I was able to get them comfortable with no problem. The new pack got to visit some very cool places on our short hike.


Indian Rockhouse Cave

Though it was warm on the day we took our Indian Rockhouse hike, a couple of days later the high temps had dropped 27 degrees and the sky was overcast. I was so happy I had packed my new Buff just in case because we were going to hike out to the most iconic rock outcropping in the Ozarks, Whitaker Point also known as Hawksbill Crag. It was a cool and breezy 34 degrees with gray skies when our hike began but my ears stayed nice and toasty thanks to my Buff.


Whitaker Point Trailhead

The trail head marker is also a tribute to Dale Bumpers for his commitment to preserving Arkansas’ natural areas.




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One thought on “Winning!

  1. Congrats on winning!

    Whitaker Point looks amazing.. Its incredible how much Arkansas has to offer and Ive lived here many years without taking it all in.

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