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Ties that Bind

Friendships can form out of shared trials and tribulations as easily as shared interests. Is it any wonder that strong friendships form over the shared interest in activities that some would consider trials and tribulations? Running buddies. Gym buddies. Cycling buddies. Is it the endorphins that bind us?

Race Swag!

Race Swag!

This past Saturday I ran in my second Mt. Nebo Bench Trail Run. I had friends there. Last year, I arrived at the race not knowing a single person but this time I knew or recognized at least 20 people. First there’s my beautiful new friend Ashley that I met at a blogger conference just a few months ago.  Here she is trying to convince me that jumping off the hayride shuttle to the start line was a bad idea.

Bad ideas and giggles

Bad ideas and giggles

She’s a  Runner with a capital R. Since she started running she’s lost double digit pounds, become a Sweat Pink Ambassador, run her first half marathon, started training for a full and has some serious race trophy action from 5Ks and her first 2 trail runs.


And Nicholas, running ambassador, writer, podcast-er, cheerleader, hair model and one of my favorite people. We ran this race last year and I certainly noticed him, how could I not, but we didn’t really meet until later. He’s my buddy.

Rockin Runner

Rockin Runner

I try smiling for the cameraman, my man. I asked him to make me look pretty. He said “you’re going to have to stop talking and smile”


And my friend Holly was there. We started working out together about 3 years ago but it took convincing her husband to run the trail series to help me convince her to run too.

Post Race Bliss

Post Race Bliss

I hope the trend continues and each time I make it to a race I have more and more friends cause there’s no such thing as too many of those.


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