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Lord Give Me Love, Mercy and an Open Bar

Following the weeks of preparation and the days of hard work leading up to my first stint as Race Director of a 5K Trail Run, I wanted to crawl into my bed and sleep. Or at least sit on the couch with a trashy magazine and a diet coke. I should be writing about that but it might be too soon, I’ll write when I’m recovered because I didn’t have much time to recover right after the race.

The long awaited wedding ceremony of two people I love dearly was scheduled on the evening of the race and I wouldn’t miss their nuptials for all the tea in China and the cups to hold it. We’ve shared moments like these when we rode great trails, I broke a finger and then we ate pie:

Riding the Syllamo

We’ve hounded, harrassed and heckled harried mountain bike racers into taking beer handups. Nothing like a good Arkansas Beer Fairy to make the last race of the season exciting.

Beer Fairies

Mountain Bikers Love the Beer Fairies

The second the church doors opened and this beautiful bride appeared, I knew it was going to happen. I felt the burn and my smile twitched. Good Gravy I’m gonna cry.  It’s a damn good thing they thought to include hankies in everyone’s programs.

The Bride

The Bride Wore Boots

I knew the bride was going to be wearing her boots under her gown so I put my Justin boots from Country Outfitter  to good use. I even polished em up for the occasion.

While the ceremony was going on, the happy couple had thier rings passed among those gathered to wish them well so we could each pass our good wishes for a long and joy filled life together to the physical symbols of this union. Cool. I have seen a lot of happy faces from these two, but none so happy as these.

What true love looks like

What true love looks like

There were many happy faces during the course of the evening. Some due to true love, some due to the fantastic meal and wine. Some probably owing to the bars with Jack and Coke Floats or Champagne and Strawberry Sorbet. No matter, a happy face is a joy to behold, right?

While life continues to bring me hectic days and chaos filled weeks I realize that for every weekend from now until Christmas, my calendar has some thing or things scribbled in. Lord have mercy. And I need to get training runs started for the challenge. Lord continue to have mercy. And before I know it Christmas will be here and I’ve bought no gifts, made no plans and don’t have a clue what we’ll be doing or where. So Lord, if you can’t have mercy, please have an open bar.


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  1. Very cool people…

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