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Pumpkin Carving

“Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.” -Simone Schwarz-Bart

Cutting things up using sharp kitchen implements, potentially using small power tools, and making a huge mess before getting to play with fire, what kid wouldn’t be excited? As cool Autumn air marches in, our kids look forward to getting big pumpkins to carve, poke, slice, dice and sometimes smash.

Two years ago our boy took time from his busy college life and came by the house just to carve pumpkins with me. While I spent hours scoring and poking pinholes in my pumpkin in an attempt to make it look like one in Southern Living, he spent a couple of hours detailing this scary mug. And he carved a pumpkin that was just as scary as his own frightening mug.

Playing with Sharp Objects

Playing with Sharp Objects

I love that no matter how old they get, they’re not growing too old  to love carving  jack-o-lanterns. Or using the leftovers in the veggie bin to make dip bowls for parties.



Sometimes the two youngest manage to get together to carve. One year they carved a big pumpkin and several little ones so we could make a Cannibal Pumpkin that would eat a smaller one on a BBQ skewer while the others screamed in terror. Note the coordination of kid size to pumpkin size.


Carving the Cannibal

Lighting Cannibal

Lighting the Cannibal

The small one has carved many a pumpkin and doesn’t even mind cleaning out pumpkin guts.

Sometimes I get in on the act myself but that typically leads to inappropriate pumpkin behavior.

Pumpkins don't let pumpkins drink and trick or treat

Pumpkins don’t let pumpkins drink and trick or treat

Day 3 of Arkansas Women Bloggers BLOGtoberFest : Traditions


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10 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving

  1. The veggie pumpkins are so cute!

  2. Love your veg-o-lanterns!

  3. LOVE these. HA! You’ve given me some fantastic carving ideas…

  4. Your family has skills!

  5. Great photos! Love the veg-o-lanterns. I never thought of doing that.

  6. I want to spend Halloween with you!

    • But Julie, we haven’t even gotten to food and tablescapes yet. And you thought I spent all my time running & biking in the woods.

  7. I’m with Julie! Your house is way more fun than mine.

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