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The Fleecing of My Closet

As soon as morning temperatures drop below 70 degrees, the quest begins to find the fleece last worn in the coolness of Spring. A square fabric bucket sits on my closet floor, waiting to be filled with all manner of autumn necessities like fleece and thick socks. At the first hint of cool air I begin dreaming of campfires and S’mores; of backpacking and long hikes; of turning pumpkin into the secret ingredient for every recipe from soup to cookies. Like many women I know, I have a favorite pair of worn in, just right jeans that aren’t acceptable in public but I refuse to be coerced into banishing them to the trash or Goodwill. I have a favorite fleece in similar condition, a lightweight Land’s End 3/4 zip in a pink that used to bright enough to be called “hot”. It is faded, soft and creamy after countless washings. That fleece has been with me on car camping trips, it has been backpacking in the hills of Arkansas, condensed and packed into a side pocket of my pack, it’s been to fall softball games and it has kept me warm in the autumn chill around a fire even if the fire is in a metal pit on my deck.

This past Sunday morning was one such chilly autumn daybreak and the family was slated to be out of the house and in the park ready for the second Cyclocross race of the season. The small one came to me and asked for a fleece. It just so happened that I had my formerly hot pink fleece at the ready, waiting to keep me or someone else warm in the October nip. I was happy to let her borrow it while I kept warm by running the dog but I’ll be happy when I get it back from her too. It’s my woobie.

Fleece on Bikes

I gave up my fleece to keep her warm.


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12 thoughts on “The Fleecing of My Closet

  1. It was a gorgeous day to be outside anywhere in anything…well, except birthday suits that is:)

  2. I love everything about this. I have a sweatshirt that I feel the same way about. It’s three sizes too big, and I’ve washed it so many times that nothing can compare to the softness. I love it and will wear it until it falls apart.

  3. Oh, a “woobie” shirt! I love it. That’s what my athletic grey hoodie sweatshirt it. I will probably die a thousand deaths when that thing wears out. I don’t even care that it advertises ESPN Fantasy Football – I love it that much and wear it all the time. Nothing warms me up – inside and out – like that shirt.

  4. My favorite fleece is the fleece that smells like campfires.

  5. HAHA! Love the humor! My woobie! I have an old Dartmouth sweatshirt that I got in 1990. YES 1990! It is my “woobie”!

  6. I agree with Julie, I thought the woobie comment was funny! I love how you have a favorite fleece like that. I can’t wait to get my sweaters out.

  7. I love the imagery of this post! I must admit that I had to look up “woobie” though.

    • Julianne, I think I got it from an 80s movie, Mr. Mom. But Sahalie has a line of wooby fleece and woobie blankets. Nothing beats a good woobie.

  8. What a mom! I used to love stealing one of my dad’s sweatshirts even through my college years.

  9. You are a woman after my own heart. I had similar thoughts about fall fashion and a good fire. My very favorite pair of Levi’s should be thrown OUT, but I refuse. So what if they’re starting to tear at the pocket? A good fleece or long sweatshirt and a neutral-colored undies make everything just fine.

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