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Dating Mountain Bikers is a No

And then I heard the words no mother wants to hear from her teenage daughter: “I should hang out with mountain bikers more often.”
Okay maybe not every mother fears this but I do. Dating mountain bikers is a gateway drug to BMX riders. Then itll be motocross. Next thing you know she’ll be riding on the back of a Fatboy with a guy who wears a shirt that says “If you can read this shirt, the bitch fell off.” Do I want my daughter to go all Pink and end up with a Carey Hart? Maybe that would be okay. Or pull a Cher in Mask and end up getting her heart broken by Sam Elliot wearing riding leathers? I do not.

My husband and I both mountain bike. Our 22 year old son rides as well. Many of our friends are involved in the sport in some way. But the small one, she has never been a fan. We tried a couple of times to get her tires on the trail unsuccessfully. There were tears involved and I wasn’t the only one crying. Why all of a sudden did she decide that mountain bikers were cool? Oh not because of the riders racing the single track, mountain biking in the pure form, but because of the crazy stunts people who ride bikes are sometimes willing to do on them. We had this argument after seeing Premium Rush. She asked about a friend of ours who was a bike messenger in San Francisco. “He did stuff like that?” she asked. “I want to be a bike messenger.” My response, “Hell no, Vinnie’s crazy. You’re not doing that.

How do I stop this? I’m pretty sure that “hey fellas can you rein it back just a little bit? I don’t want my daughter to want to date you just yet…” will work. On the other hand, maybe the fascination will turn into something else. Maybe she’ll be willing to try her pedals on the dirt again, which would make me happy.

Note: Evolution Airbags provided the stunt bag for the event.


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