Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

You got rope burn where?

No, this isn’t turning in to 50 Shades of Fitness. I got rope burn on the back of my calf  from monkeying around but like any good torture method, it didn’t show. At least it didn’t show for a couple of days after my adventure at Loco-Ropes at the Ozark Folk Center State Park last weekend.

I knew without a doubt that my short weekend visit to the Folk Center would not be complete if I didn’t go for the ropes course. I even brought a helmet cam and my “magic” tutu along to help. I told my roommate and fellow running enthusiast Ashley that I planned to go and she was on board. At the last minute, another athletic fun seeking blog-buddy, Whitney, decided she would take part in our escapade as well. Ashley would not have a lot of time so we convinced her that she should do the Hot Shot Free Fall off the tower since it was the fastest way to get her adrenaline rush on. I gave her my magic tutu and walked up the dark and winding tower stairs with her. Harnessed in and ready to go I went first, letting out that half terrified half joyful scream from the rush. I looked  back up to find her paralyzed at the edge. “I don’t think I can do this!” she said. “Yes you can!” I said “Just step.” So she did; and the magic tutu flew with her.

Just step off!

Ashley landed with giggles spilling from her belly and a smile on her face, sitting inside a mound of pink tulle.

This was the only adventure in store for Ashley so she passed along the magic tutu to Whitney who planned to do the first of the three high ropes courses with me.

Whitney walks the wire

After the first couple of obstacles, Whitney made some noises that had me concerned she wasn’t going to be my friend when this was over. Ropes courses are a great workout. Your core and upper body are engaged at all times to stay balanced and steady. Not to fear though, Whitney too ended her adventure with a smile and arms that were only a little sore and didn’t stop her from her swim workout the next day.

Whitney finishes with a smile and passes back the magic tutu

I was left to continue the quest to finish all three courses. Just me and my tutu along with super energetic and fun staff facilitators Kari and Sabrina. They weren’t sure what to think of the tutu at first but I think I might have converted them by the end. The foraging doe we watched from high in the trees didn’t care if I was wearing a tutu but didn’t appreciate my scream on the Tarzan swing. If you are looking for adventure and some seriously good music, great mountain crafters and a good bit of history, the Ozark Folk Center and Loco-Ropes has you covered. Don’t forget your magic tutu.


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One thought on “You got rope burn where?

  1. I am just glad the magic tutu covered my face on the way down! I think every muscle in my body was clenched to its max…

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