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Get Your Priorities Straight

I was planning a weekend away from home at the Ozark Folk Center for the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Retreat and Conference. It was the first time in a while that my weekend plans did not involve any kind of race event. I scoured my closet for the cute clothes I know I own but rarely have the opportunity to wear. I also laid out running gear because I planned to run, take a Zumba class led by my new body confidence inspiration Jasmine, and to hit up the Loco-Ropes Course before I headed home. So I had adorable print shorts, my new pair of brightly colored wedges and a gauzy floral dress with a blue jean jacket that would be perfect for my new boots from Country Outfitter. I also laid out one of those well worn cardigans; you know the one you keep to snuggle on the couch when it snows, just in case it was cold in the meeting rooms. The clothing I UNpacked when I got to my destination 2.5 hours from home consisted of two pair of running shoes, 2 sports bras, 3 technical shirts, 2 pair of shorts, pajamas and flip flops. Luckily there was clean underwear thrown in there too. I had completely forgotten about my “hang up” bag of clothes.

I was not completely unprepared. Besides workout clothes and clean underwear I also remembered a six pack of Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Hard Cider, a lovely bottle of Malbec, a wedge of Manchego, a jar of natural almonds and a big bunch of juicy green grapes. I even had a corkscrew, cheese knife and my favorite two-toned wood cheese board, but no clothes. I have priorities. They may not be the same as everyone else’s, but I have them. I was prepared to A) share my goodies with my new friends or B) have sustenance for wallowing in self pity if I didn’t make any new friends.

I resigned myself to wearing workout clothes to the Saturday workshops. After getting in a 3 miler around the park and that Zumba class, I still had a clean workout shirt to wear with the previous day’s pants. Classy, right? But what to do about the fiddling, jig dancing and all around Ozark Mountain good time planned for Saturday night? My Park Wife buddy Stephanie offered me something out of her closet. I’m barely 5’3” and she’s a bit taller than that so her very cute maxi dress fit me like I was a kid playing dress up in Mom’s clothes. It would be tough to dance a jig in that. Off to the local Wal-Mart I went and that’s where I found a dress that fit and it only cost $17.94. I decided it was worth it not to trip over my hem. But if I had tripped, at least I would have had on clean underwear.

Wal-Mart saves the day

The evening was saved, I danced a jig in my new boots and I shared the wine and cheese bounty with my new friends. Thanks to Ashley for discussing things like runner’s trots, cross-fit ass crack rash, training runs and for being the best roommate I could ask for. And to Ashten for making me want to hug you and for sharing your love of Brooks Shoes and the Brooklyn Project with me.


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One thought on “Get Your Priorities Straight

  1. Thank you for introducing me to Arkansas Outside, letting me sport some AO gear and for making me terrified childbirth and motherhood in general. I was/am serious about us being BFF!

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