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Teaching Old Bloggers New Tricks

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This weekend I attended my very first blogger conference. The Arkansas Women Bloggers Network kindly allowed my blognorant self to attend with all the incredibly smart, capable, witty and might I mention beautiful women who were ready and willing to learn, teach and share what this blogging thing is all about.

I spent the entire day alternating between wanting to go home and delete my entire blog and wanting to go home and immediately start working on the notebook full of advice I was getting on how to make it better. A year ago I didn’t know what a Blogger Network was. In conversation or reading, if there was a word preceded by Google, I went to my google savvy spouse for clarification. If I needed a widget or plug in I didn’t quite know how to use right, I asked for his help. Not because I thought I couldn’t learn, but isn’t it an easier route to get a person to person explanation? Or to pretend like you don’t get it so they do it for you to save time? Not that I would ever do that. Obviously I needed the help that the AWBU 2012 could offer me. I learned more in one day about better blogging than I had learned on my own in years. At least I think I did. Time will tell. Or you can tell me.

We started out brainstorming ideas about making our blogs work better for us and exercises to enhance our writing. Building this lovely food sculpture, which we named Herb, was part of the learning process during a “using all your senses to write” exercise.

Herb started out smiling, what could have gone wrong?

There is so much more to the weekend than learning how to write more better. Things like my beautiful roommate who started out a stranger and ended up a friend, meeting other great women, dancing, running, Zumba-ing, zip-lining, magic tu-tus and laughing. Laughing a lot. And crying. There was a surprise proposal involved. But those stories are for other posts.

The sponsors for the conference were absolutely incredible and each one deserves an entire post and some will probably get that kind of bloglove later. Thank you to Ziploc, Healthy Families, Arkansas Farm Bureau, All You Magazine, and Petit Jean Meats for giving us such a great weekend of learning and camaraderie.

My new Justin boots from Country Outfitter!

A special thanks to Country Outfitter and anyone who’s been keeping an eye out here knows exactly why.


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4 thoughts on “Teaching Old Bloggers New Tricks

  1. Ooh, I love that picture! It was great to meet you in the hills!

    • lisamullis on said:

      Thanks Sarah. It was wonderful to meet you too. I am still waffling between overwhelmed & overjoyed. I may need more cracker jacks.

  2. Great post, Lisa!! Can’t wait to reconnect and do some brainstorming on ways to partner. Love that picture, too! You inspired me this weekend – I’m ready to get back to frenetic about fitness!!

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