Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Chaos Rules

Finding the order within the apparent randomness of life, the cycles that are repeated even if they aren’t exact duplicates, is exhausting. Our family is in that repeating cycle of sickness and health right now.

Does your sweet Southern Mama repeat sayings to you all the time like “that boy ain’t smart enough to pour piss out of a boot” or ” God love her that girl is so ugly, she must’ve fell out of a ugly tree and hit every branch goin down” or the dreaded “watch out, bad things always come in threes”?

My frenetic life is a bit more frenetic than usual cause the Southern Mama that yes, says all the things I just mentioned, is possibly having a “bad things come in threes” moment. Within a week of finding out that the reason she’s been tired and anemic lately was caused by a tumor in her colon, we were at the hospital prepping for surgery. It just so happened that the very weekend she was in the hospital was the annual Livestrong Challenge Ride in Philadelphia. Our friend Fish is a cancer survivor and this was his 6th year to ride the challenge as a survivor. We’ve supported his ride at least half of those years. Do I feel guilty for the couple we didn’t? Maybe a bit, but I doubt we’ll overlook it again. Knowing what he has been through and what he was preparing to do, I shared my fear and what my hopes were as we waited over the weekend to get the pathology report. He directed me to some tools that helped him on his journey and very sweetly put Mom on the Wall of Remembrance at the Livestrong event.

It’s been a bit a good news here, they think they were able to surgically remove all the tumor and there is no evidence of metastasis. And a bit of bad news there, blood clots are going to keep her in the hospital longer than expected and require long term medication.

I was lucky to have my nieces here to help. The oldest flew home for 4 days and basically took over for the weekend which allowed me a little bit of time to go out and clear my head by rolling over some rocks for a few hours.

Me and my new Twin6 Vixen Jersey both got a workout.

Me and my new Twin6 Vixen jersey both got a workout.

Now if we can get through the next few days, maybe life will be back to just plain crazy busy instead of the food processor on pulse of crazy it is right now.


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