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Bloggers and Boots

Bloggers and Boots: Country Outfitter’s motto is “we know country”
and they’re making a big group of bloggers happy.

I have a good reason to blog about boots right now. Although I’ve been blogging for about 4 years, I have never considered it as anything other than personal journaling or sharing information with a few family members. I thought the rare seeker of information about some of the adventures my family has or fitness ideas was cool but never gave much thought to actually encouraging them. Then Stephanie Buckley invited me to join Arkansas Women Bloggers Network and I learned that blogging can be more. So much more. And I’m excited to learn. Soon I’ll be attending my first Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference and Retreat at the Ozark Folk Center State Park. As information about the conference schedule and the sponsors started taking shape I got even more excited about going. I have a list of reasons in no particular order:

1. I need to learn how to write better, how to focus my writing and how to encourage others to read what I write. Simple, yes?

2. I love Mountain View and the Ozark Folk Center State Park, The Skillet and Loco-Ropes. I don’t know how else to put that other than if you haven’t been, you’re missing out.

3. I found out that the conference was going to include shoes. Not just any old shoes but cowgirl boots. Cowgirl boots from Country Outfitter. As sponsors of the conference they will be providing attendees with a pair of beautiful boots to review. They have  great selection of boots for the whole family, from work boots to fancy dress boots.

I chose these:

Justin Dark Brown Mustang Cowhide Boots, heretofore known as MINE.

You might wonder how I can possibly fit cowgirl boots into my Fitness theme but hold on to your horses, here it comes. The Folk Center is widely known for the crafters and artisans who make beautiful brooms, jewelery, pottery, weaving and woodworking there. It is also known for great music. The state of the art auditorium there is an auditory marvel. And music has a tendency to make people want to get up and dance. Sometimes it makes people want to get up and dance a Jig. So as part of my workout plan for the weekend, I will be learning to dance a jig, the Ozark Mountain way, from fiddle and jig sensation Clancey Ferguson. And I hope to be wearing this new pair of boots when I do. Dancing a jig in new boots has to be a pretty good workout.

And someone else is going to get a good workout with a new pair of boots because Country Outfitter is giving each of the conference attendees a second pair to give away on their blogs. So that means you have to come back to read my review and to find out how to get yourself a pair of boots.


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6 thoughts on “Bloggers and Boots

  1. I wanted so badly to attend, but it just wasnt in my cards this time. I really really hope that I can win a pair of the boots though. That would be awesome! I cant wait to hear about your experience

    • lisamullis on said:

      This will be my “first time”. I hope I learn some things that will be useful and I’ll be looking for you at the next one.

  2. Can’t wait to meet you. We picked the same boot!

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  4. Since I was the last one to the blogging party, I’d love to win some boots! So happy I got to meet you! Let’s go for a fun run sometime soon.

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