Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Will Run for Watermelon

Post Race Watermelon is YUMMY!

Running. I’ve done a little of it lately. Not training. Not going out for a run as a workout. I only seem to run when I pay someone an entry fee. So a couple of weeks ago I ran in the 4th and final run of the Arkansas Trail Running Series after weeks of having run no more than a few 400 meter “sprints” as part of a circuit workout here and there. No “I’m gonna go out for a quick 3 miler” at lunch or before dinner. Just a “I signed up for a race, I’ll have to run it.”

I ran easy, so easy I chatted the entire race with this really cool chick from Texas who decided to do the trail run while her husband did the sprint tri that started just before the run. I was taking it so easy that I had energy enough to jump for a photo at mile 3.

Jumping at Mile 3

And I was testing out my new running skirt from Lululemon. I like running skirts. I really like this one too.

Does this skirt make my butt look bouncy?

On the 4th of July I got the bright idea to sign up for the Firecracker Fast 5K under the same sort of circumstances: no preparation. I probably pushed about as hard for that one, conversation pace for most of it managing to finish in just over 29 minutes in a gun to chip time call. I’m sure I can take off a few seconds since there were 1200 people and it did take some time to get to and across the start line.

I’m still somewhere behind the start banner while the future winner is already in his breakaway

I didn’t set any kind of timepiece but I know that after the first mile, before the downhill started, the woman next to me called out a 9:13 mile. While I am well aware that I am capable of more, I seem to consciously choose not to put out the effort. I probably should work on that, but my way is much more fun.

A Star Spangled Bandanna for the 4th of July

And after both runs, I wrote the story for Arkansas Outside leaving nothing left over to write for my own blog. So, I guess I’ll just post photos from both races that make me happy. Red white and blue pool toys make me happy.


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