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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

A Pictorial Catch Up

Time seems to be flying by. The first weekend of June was filled with a long drive up to NW Arkansas for mountain bike riding via  pre-riding the race course for the Battle for Townsend’s Ridge at Hobbs State Park Conservation Area . The  following morning the hubs raced and I took a billion photos and cheered our friends. Congratulations to our good friend Frank Webber for winning the big trophy for the day, it was well deserved! Frank’s one in a million and we’ve been privileged  to watch him grow over the past few years. He’s a great rider but really, we just like to hang out on our deck with him when he’s not riding.

Out on the trail, taking pics and enjoying a cold one while everyone else was racing. Thanks Kathy Loffler for taking photos of us taking photos.

Joe won’t look at me or talk to me no matter how much I heckle him. There’s less than a mile left in the race and he’s “in the zone”. The focus earned him a much deserved 3rd place in his age group! Good Riding.

Life is full and so was the moon last week so we went on a full moon ride, bike lights off as much as possible, boom box booming dance tunes, and a pole mounted laser show for 25 miles. It was the most fun I’ve had on two wheels in a long time.

June 6th was National Running Day and there was an early morning run sponsored by local running stores here in town in one of the prettiest areas for cyclists and pedestrians to be free from traffic worries, Two Rivers Park. I ran a couple of miles of it with my friend Nicholas who does a great running podcast. Running is his passion and his love for it is clear.

Dawn at Two Rivers Bridge, a great start to National Running Day

Nicholas and friends snapped mid run with my iPhone.

One week, hundreds of miles of driving, tens of miles of mountain biking, an evening of cycling by the light of the moon, a few miles of running and then it begins again. Next up: a weekend of a sprint triathlon photo shoot, a mountain bike pre-ride of the next race course at Iron Mountain, and our version of Fat Cyclist’s 100 Miles to Nowhere in which we break every one of the “nowhere” rules and make it 100 miles to EVERYWHERE.


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