Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

My Legs Are Noodley

We’ve done some circuits lately that have really left me feeling like a limp noodle afterward. Even though they are relatively short on time, the intensity is high.

General warm up with strength: Leg Press 3 x 8 (180,195,210lb) Yo-Yo machine 3 x8

4 Rounds: 1 min each station with continuous clock, 1 min rest at end of round

  • wall ball
  • chair push up
  • box jump
  • push press
  • inverted row

General warm up plus 7 minutes of core plus 10 minutes of ladder drills

25 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible

  • body squat x 30
  • push up x 25
  • sit ups x 25
  • pull up x 10
  • box jump x 25

General warm up plus strength: Overhead squat 4 x 8

4 Rounds:

  • box walk x 5
  • jump rope x 150
  • lunge with curl x 16 steps
  • stability ball back extension x 10
  • yo-yo machine x 6
  • pull ups x 12
  • treadmill sprint x 25 seconds

Box walk x 5 means there are boxes at 8,12,18,24 inches. At each box you have to do 5 push ups plus 5 when you reach flat on the ground, 1 direction you have your hands on the box in the other you have your feet on the box. That’s a total of 45 push ups of varying difficulty each round. The goal is to do them all in one motion by walking hands or feet up and down the boxes never standing up.

Then there was the day we did walking push ups. These make me hurt so badly. Abs, Arms, everything. Though the goal is to drag your feet and not use leg strength at all, I tend to tense up so everything hurts afterward so it must be a great exercise for the arsenal, right?

General warm up plus strength: Hang Clean 5 x 5, go heavy

4 Rounds:

  • box step ups with dumb bells x 8
  • walking pus hups x 10 yards
  • sit ups x 25
  • 200 backpedal run
  • medicine ball chops x 10 ea side

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