Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Diet versus Exercise

There is no exercise routine that can combat a bad diet. Period. We know this. I know this.

Last week the weekend started off with a nice Friday off for me. It was the last weekday of Spring Break for the small one and we had a day of eating and shopping planned. Lunch at Argenta Market where I had a Cuban sandwich and we shared this key lime pie

And then I had plans to meet the girls later at Crush Wine Bar and then dinner at Gypsy’s Dizzy Bistro where I ate this dish that has at least a stick of butter and a pint of cream in it:

I had my morning workout though. But I would have had to have run a half marathon and spent another hour or two on the bike to make up for what I ate and drank. For a person who really loves good food and loves to cook, it is still a struggle to choose healthier meals outside my kitchen and honestly, I don’t always enjoy worrying with how healthy the meals I cook are. It takes time and planning. Things I’m not great at. But I’m trying. And I have to start trying harder because the effects of my lack of self control are showing in my family. So I have to set a goal. My goal is to spend one day each week making out a menu plan and shopping list for healthy meals. And Sundays are for prep. I have to be willing to set aside some time each Sunday to chop, precook, package and all that jive. Wish me luck.

Workouts for this week:

Sunday- Trail running and walking with the dog. I quit counting at 5 miles.

Monday: warm up and strength move Hang Clean 5 x 8 x 65lb

4 rounds

  • pullups x 12 (band assisted)
  • plyo press jumps x 15 x 135lb
  • box walk (24″, 18″,12″,6″ and ground) x 5 push ups on ea, hands on box- then feet on box (45 pushups each round)
  • yo yo x 12
  • hanging knee tucks x 25
  • 400m run

Tuesday: warm up

  • ladder drills x 10 minutes

core circuit x 2 rounds 30sec work:25sec rest

  • floor wipers x 85lb
  • seated twists x 10lb
  • toe touches x 10lb
  • right plank
  • left plank
  • bicycle
  • decline sit ups with 8lb med ball
  • plank
  • flutterkicks
  • full sit up

finish with Animal drills: crab walk forward and backward, duck walk forward and backward, spiderman crawl, inchworm each x 20 yds

Thursday a.m.: warm up and strength Leg Press 4 x 10, 135, 150, 165, 180lb and partnered glute hamstring raises.

4 rounds: 1 min continuous clock, 1 minute rest at end of each round

  • wall ball 10lb
  • kettlebell swing 30lb
  • box jump 18″
  • push press 45lb
  • situps

p.m. short run, about 2 miles and yoga stretching. Those glute ham raises are killers.

Saturday: 45 miles of cycling, 3700 ft of elevation gain. Yes.

A stop along the way to enjoy the view on top of Ft. Roots

Just one of many beautiful views along the River Trail


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