Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Spa City Trail Run and Wearing of the Green

St. Patrick’s Day 2012. I painted my nails green for lack of any green running gear so I wouldn’t get “pinched” during the Spa City Trail Run, the 2nd in the Arkansas Trail Running Series.

The small one came with me to a) get some practice driving I-30 because Hot Springs is a great destination and she needs to know her way there and around town and b) I needed a photographer for the Arkansas Outside coverage since J was at another running event. It was pouring down rain as we drove into town about 8:45 a.m. but had stopped by race time at 10. Once again I pull out the disclaimer that I am not a runner. I sometimes run or jog as a workout or because I really do enjoy running trail, but I don’t work at it. And it’s apparent. My workout interests are so varied that I have a difficult time fitting in regular “speed” workouts. But I’m setting a goal, I’m going to work on speed this summer.  This run was held at one of my favorite mountain bike trails in Central Arkansas, Cedar Glades Park. The route was 3.87 miles long and I managed to finish in 40:40. It’s like I planned that symmetry.

Thumbs up for my favorite photographer

My friend and former roommate from *20 years ago, Lily, joined the fun again and this time she brought 2 more friends with her as well as her dad and her kids. It’s so cool to have a good support system when doing stuff like this and I’m so happy to see her getting that.

Summer is proud of her mommy's medal.

If I had gone alone, I would have brought my bike to ride after the run. Instead, the small one and I lucked into a parking space just as we turned onto Central Avenue where all the cool touristy shops and boutiques are. Last week while at the Spa City 6 hour Mountain Bike Race we noticed a cupcake shop called Fat Bottomed Girls. First, I have a hard time resisting cupcakes. And a shop named after one of my favorite songs of all time? Not happening. So we sauntered in and bought 2 cupcakes, a Lemon Lavender for the girl (which is their 2nd best seller according to the website), and an Irish Car Bomb and a cup of  Irish Creme flavored coffee for me to continue my personal celebration of St. Paddy’s Day.

We also took advantage of the soap/lotion/potion store next door which is owned by the same couple that own the cupcake store for some sweet smelling Fig and Lavender goat milk lotion and a lavender eye pillow for the girl. High School and a burgeoning “adult” life as a working girl are stressing her out, hopefully this will bring some relief from those tension headaches. But I have figured out that her favorite scent right now is what? Lavender.

mmmm cupcakes

Irish Car Bomb Cupcake

Hot Springs was preparing for their annual St. Patrick’s Day parade and all day party so the fountains on Central were colored green for the day.  We enjoyed a lovely early afternoon stroll despite me being a little sweaty and gross from the race. The small one doesn’t really like having her picture taken unless it can be funny, like the cupcake store pose. She’s a teenager, not many teenage girls realize how beautiful they are so I try not to push. She did let me take this one of her near one of the many trailheads up into the National Park area above Bathhouse Row.

As if our day was not full up already, I showered and changed so we could head to downtown Little Rock. We missed the parade while we were playing in Hot Springs but we were there in time for the Block Party at 3rd and Rock in front of Dugan’s Pub. The Dead Celt Society played, there was an Irish dance school there, and the Little Rock Firefighter’s Pipes and Drums. Yes! A full day of running trails, having fun with the small one, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with great music and my favorite people. Doesn’t get much better than that.

The Dead Celt Society Sings in front of Dugan's Pub

Little Rock Firefighters Pipes and Drums entertain the crowd


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