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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

It’s a Running Kind of Weekend

Short story of my Run Thru History: they used timing chips this year for the first time so when the clock said 1:01:37 at the finish, I thought I might have managed around 1:01 taking into consideration the time to get up to the starting line. But the official time actually says 1:02:01. Certainly not a great run but it’s a very hilly course, I don’t run much, and I was happy with it. I really wanted to be under 1 hour. The closest I’ve come to that on this course was last year with a 1:01 flat. Oh well. Maybe if I trained…


The course is still one of my favorites. The hills are killer but the atmosphere, at least to me, couldn’t be more peaceful. The first hill starts about 0.5mile in, then at mile 2 there’s a water stop at the top of a hill where the monument for Minnesota stands. Mile 3 starts with a fantastic long downhill. Followed by the payback uphill of course. The last 2 miles just roll with the last 0.5 mile of a short steep uphill to the park entrance, a downhill out of the park, and a flat tenth of a mile into the finish chutes.

Still Smilin' After 6.2 miles of HILLS

After the 5K walkers and the 10K runners were off the course, the kids lined up for a 1 mile fun run. Here’s little dude B finishing his mile with the cheerleaders lining the street. Have to mention here that the Americorps kids were out in force and did a great job cheering, giving water hand ups and generally spilling their energy out onto the course for the rest of us.

B-man finishes his mile with an Americorps cheering squad!

I had a great visit with my sweet friend but my schedule and the needs of family and work called me home sooner than I would have liked. I was only in Vicksburg for about 20 hours before I turned for home. On Sunday morning we waffled on how and where to go watch the Little Rock Marathon. I had hoped to be able to cheer on some friends but navigating around the course was going to be an issue. We finally decided to set up with some folks outside Spokes bike shop. We arrived in time to see the leaders come to that gnarly hill that is mile 14-15 on Kavanaugh.These guys finished 1 and 2 at 2:29:42 and 2:32:15.

The leaders are coming!

Not long after the leaders came by us, we saw this and dubbed him Awesome Dad:

Awesome Dad Award!

At the time we had no idea what the back story was. I searched when we got home and found a story on the AR Down Syndrome site about Heath and his daughter Paisley. Today’s marathon finish will make 365.1 miles of racing for Heath and Paisley, one mile for each day of the first year of her life which has some significance to Heath according to the story. The intimation was that Heath spent the first year of Paisley’s life as many of us would, having a difficult time coming to terms with the future. Aren’t they awesome? I’m sure he deserves the Awesome Dad tag. Super Duper Fantastic Way More Awesome than I’ll Ever Be Dad.


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