Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Trails, Dogs and Cheeseburgers

Building More Bridges on the Jackfork

Workouts for the week: Sunday I got in about 6 miles of trail hike/run. Just me and my shadow for most of it. Then spent a little time  helping with bridges at the Jackfork Mountain Bike trails.

Monday: 3 mile run outside + 10 minutes of intervals on the treadmill inside, 45 on 15 off 8.5 mph

Tuesday: general warm up, and ladder drills

10 Rounds of 15 reps each:

  • inverted row
  • leg press x 150lb
  • push ups
  • floor wipers x 55lb bar
  • kettlebell swings x 30lb

Wednesday: 1 mile warm up walk/run and 1 hour of Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Cardio killer.

Thursday: general warm up

5 Rounds of 25 sec work/ 20 sec to move to next station, 1 min rest at end of round:

  • treadmill 7.5% incline 7.7mph
  • plyometric block jump lateral
  • lunges x 20lb DBs
  • sprint strides on 12″ box
  • squat jumps
  • knee tucks
  • hang clean x 65lb
  • plyo jump forward/back
  • sit ups
  • wall sit w/10lb plate iso hold at eye level

Friday I took the day off work to take care of a multitude of errands and planned a long run but instead, due to planetary realignment, ended up with an hour of Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio challenge of Friday and a hilly 3mile walk with the dog on Saturday and then Sunday, I finally got a longer run, though not as long as hoped for, by taking the puppy out to the park where we got in about 5.3 miles of singletrack. We immediately dispelled with any notion that she would be a)afraid of mountain bikes or b) she wouldn’t want to chase them. J’s goal is to get her to mind the “come” command well enough to go leash-less and chase behind his bike. The Hobo dog just about yanked my arm out of socket then dragged me up a rocky trail going full tilt trying to chase a bike. No, she is not going to have any trouble chasing our bikes, as long as we can teach her how to stay in position and obey all commands without the leash. We’re getting there.

The dog takes me for a runBeyond workouts, Thursday night, Friday and Saturday were spent with my small one while J was up in NW Arkansas with the folks from IMBA, the international mountain bicycling association crew. While he was learning, building trail and riding his bike, we were doing stuff like going to Lunafest, doing the parent-teacher conference thing, going to see a scary movie together, and having lunch at the ROOT  and shopping at The Green Corner Store after the ACT test. We bought a lemongrass candle from Maison Terre, a local business that makes beautiful beeswax candles among other things, and yet another batch of brown jasmine rice from Indian Bayou Milling Company. I’ve been purchasing it at the NLR Certified Farmers Market and the Argenta Market but they happened to be doing a tasting at the Green Corner Store on Saturday. I hope they had great success. I do love their rice, who says brown rice can’t be fluffy and tasty? Not me.  The lunch at The Root was really tasty. I had a shitake burger and for once, I got a shroom burger that was not basted in oil. I can’t wait to try more of their delicious food. They purchase ingredients from a lot of the same farms we buy from in the spring and summer at the Farmer’s Markets, but might not be able to find in the winter time. It’s a great philospophy on food, I love that they serve on mismatched “found” plates, and use real flatware and cloth napkins to reduce waste. Right on. The fact that they serve “Mexican” coke in glass bottles, just a bonus. Congratulations SOMA on your successes toward revitalizing a worthy neighborhood, may it continue to blossom!

Waiting for a Cheeseburger, made from local cow and local cheese. Mooo ya'll.


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