Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Is Zucchini Bread a Vegetable?

Again a good week of workouts but a not so great week of food intake. Not as bad as it has been but also not the deprivation it’s going to take to get back on track. So the goal for this weekend and next week is to eat my veggies. Lots of them. And no pasta. I probably won’t totally give up my occasional morning oatmeal or nut butter toast but I’ll work on it. Oh how I wish it was time for the farmer’s market.

Monday: warm up, and Hang Clean 4x6x65lb

4 Rounds:

  • yo yo x 10
  • box walk x 4
  • pullups x 10
  • step up with DBs x 8 ea leg
  • explosive calf raises x 10

yoyos- a lovely torture device that has you lying belly down on something that looks like a hamstring curl machine but no, it has a wheel on it so when you pull up it resists then wraps around and quickly jerks you back down and resists letting you back up…you get the picture. So by # 8 or so of these, I’m dying and making very unnatural noises.

box walks-6,12,18,24 inch boxes in a row, 4 pushups on each one moving hands down the boxes once with hands on the box and back with feet on the box. Harder than it sounds. The last set is practically handstand pushups for someone my size.

Tuesday: warm up, followed by 10 minutes of plyometric drills and 10 minutes of CORE work and then….

5 Rounds! Of 10lb medicine ball toting fun

  • 400m run
  • throwdowns, 8 ea side
  • wall balls x 20
  • push ups on the ball x12
  • overhead lunges x 20

The bruises on my hips werent too bad, I managed to carry the ball in front of me most of the time. I didn’t know it was for time but at the end I heard a 27 minutes, ring out. I guess that’s okay. a little over 5 minutes per round. I’ll take it.

Wednesday: I ran. Jogged. ran. whatever you want to call it. I was called out a few weeks ago by someone who says if you by running shoes and go out and run, you are a runner. The speed shouldn’t be the qualifier. I got about 2 miles in on the road before the bottom dropped out of the thunderclouds and chased me indoors to the dreadmill where I sweated out one more mile in heat and humidity that would make me believe it was high summer. ick. Tacked on 5 minutes of 8mph intervals at 45sec on, 15sec off.  That night I did a few more intervals, but only because my 60lb puppy knows I’m not the disciplinarian and she wanted to run.

Thursday: warm up

25 minutes to do as many rounds as possible:

  • body squats x 40
  • push ups x 25
  • sit ups x 25
  • pullups x 8
  • box jumps 18″ x 25

and CORE, with 10lb plates today. yummo.

I got 6 full rounds in but…I used a band to assist the pullups and reps 7-8 were rarely any good. I had a good day of push ups though. When I complain about the not being able to do pullups the trainer has sense enough to tell me what good form my pushups have, how a lot of women have trouble with push ups and even more so with pull ups, and that I am a machine when it comes to just gutting it out. That’s nice.

Friday: Warm up, strength move Overhead Press 4 x 8 @ 45, 55, 60,60lb

5 Rounds:

  • kettlebell swings x 25 x 30lb
  • high wall balls x 25 x 10lb
  • yolk walk x 20 yds carrying 45lb bar (in retrospect  it should have been heavier)
  • sit ups x 25
  • line drills x 2

On another note…THE WARRIOR DASH IS COMING! I’m excited about it. Does it show? I even wrote up a piece for our business site about stuff to do Outside in Arkansas.


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