Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

It’s Not Sweat, It’s Liquid Awesome


I don’t mind sweating. In fact, most of the time I welcome it. I like to get my sweat on. It makes me feel like I’m getting something for my effort.


Monday: planned an edurance run day but instead, had to endure a day of decluttering and deChristmasing the house.



 Tuesday:  Active warm up prior to workout

leg Press 4 x 8 x 210lbs

partner curls 4 x 10 x 33lb

3 Rounds: one minute at each station- time does not stop, no resting. 1 min rest at end of each round

  • wall ball x 10lb 
  • sumo dead lift high pull x 45lb
  • box jumps x 24″
  • explosive push up
  • inverted row
  • jump rope

Plus a 30 minute brisk walk with hill intervals in the afternoon.

Wednesday: 66 minutes of Bob Harper Pure Burn Strength. If anyone thinks Bob Harper can’t get you working hard, tell the P90X alumni who bugged out on me during the last 15-20 minutes of this workout.

Thursday: 4 Rounds

  • treadmill sprints x :20, increasing incline
  • situps x 25
  • mountain climbers x 80
  • pullups x 10 (assisted)
  • plyoboard 1-2 jumps x 20
  • pushups x 20
  • plyoboard 1-4 jumps x 20
  • knee tucks x 25

Friday: 4 Rounds

  • hang clean x 8 x 65lb
  • weighted step ups x 10 each leg x 24″ bos  x 20lb DBs
  • kneeling medicine ball toss x 10 x 10lb
  • burpees x 12
  • kettlebell swing x 20 x 30lb
  • farmer’s carry x 40 yds x 30lb DBs

Good things to eat this week-  black eyed pea salsa; whole wheat couscous with grape tomato, cucumber, fat free feta and red onion; homemade chili, and homemade spicy korean pork stir fry. Bad things to eat this week- PUMPKIN SCONES! mmmmm But the small amount of weight gained in December is gone and I’m back on track to the 7-10 lb I’d still like to dump.

I don’t “do” resolutions but I don’t have a problem if they’re called goals. My goal is to add running back into my workouts by returning to the habit of running the hilly 3.5 miles to my carpool stop at least 3 times a month (it used to be 3 times a week) and adding speed work on the treadmill twice a week. I would like to cut 30 seconds per mile off my current pace which will still make me a slow runner, but faster than I was today. Goal.


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