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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Another Thanksgiving, Another Reason for Thanks

 The first time our soon to be blended family enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal together, we began a tradition that lasted for several years.

the first of many pie eating contests

Actually it lasted until the kids realized that we were indeed laughing at them, not with them. Pie eating contests are messy, funny and probably not the healthiest pastime to share. And it wasn’t limited to Thanksgiving, it would happen whenever and wherever the extended family was gathered. Cake, pie, ice cream…our little piggies loved to stick their faces in food.

Another year, another set of pies

And then the kids started growing up and we started having a different tradition for Thanksgiving.  We started heading away from home and very often away from the typical gathering of large family groups. Our trips often involved carrying our food and shelter strapped to our backs and heading off to the woods.
Backpacking teaches skills like: how to cook over an open fire when your camp stove gives up on you on night 1 of a 2 night 3 day trip. The small one learned how to search for the perfect flat rock to be the cooktop, and how to leave the rock, even if it was perfect in every way, if there are scorpions living under it.
Sometimes we still had family other than the immediate but we still managed to break away from the dining table and the shopping to enjoy and share the beautiful state we live in.

Family photo time at Petit Jean's Gravesite

We’ve gone “out on a limb” quite literally and enjoyed a cabin at the Ozark Folk Center State Park, the Thanksgiving buffet at The Skillet Restaurant and then gone out to Loco Ropes to burn off some of the turkey, dressing and chocolate earthquake cake. Oh my, that cake. I love it.  I highly recommend this adventure for any time of year!


Swinging into the net, doing the Tarzan yell

This year we were a group of 4, the only time this configuration has been possible for a backpacking trip. A long desired trip to Hemmed in Hollow in the Ponca Wilderness was in order. We hiked down from the Centerpoint Trailhead. There is a trailhead much closer to the hollow but we also wanted to extend the hike and see Big Bluff on the way.  I have to admit that the views from Big Bluff are possibly some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring I’ve seen. So this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the view. And that I got to share it with my favorite people in the whole wide world.

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One thought on “Another Thanksgiving, Another Reason for Thanks

  1. Brittany on said:

    Hey great photo! I’ve been trying to figure out how people get this particular view with the hole. How did you get to this part of the goat trail?

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