Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

It’s not just the Earth’s Rotational Axis….

My days really are getting longer and longer.
Issues at work and surrounding work have meant multiple 12-13 hour days for me lately. I’d say I’m exhausted and in need of a vacation but I’ve realized recently that I am such a freak about “vacations” that I usually don’t come away from them all that rested.  I’m going to try. Headed to the DC area this week. It was a surprise present for my Squeeze so he can visit his best friend. His best friend since 6th grade people. That’s a long time to keep liking someone. I plan on long walks, possible solo museum trips, some running, podcast listening and magazine perusal while they sit in a corner and act like 5 year olds. I expect pranks. And laughter. And that weird language that only the two of them speak.

Back to the workout log:
Thursday Sept 2: 5k-ish run in 27 minutes and change. Good time for me, a sucky time for most runners I know. Stupid runners with legs that are longer than mine and can turn over fast.


Saturday Sept 4: 2.5 hours of jog-hiking at Pinnacle. Up and over 2x and back and forth to the OT trailhead.
And a couple more hours of trail work. I dug a trench with a pick ax. There will be no dwarf or Hi Ho references.

Sunday 5: we went to the zoo. in memphis. yes we did.

Monday 6: in celebration of Labor Day, I Labored. Not in my own very needy yard but in my neighbor’s. Because they don’t or won’t clean it up. Our front yard looks at their back yard which is wooded. When trees start growing in the street and the water can’t get to the drain, I clean it for them. It took most of the day. And all of my energy. But I’m not bitter.

Tuesday 7 back to morning workouts
warm up with CORE and Jump Rope
4 Rounds: 1 min per station, 1 min rest after completed circuit
Single leg plyo jumps 90lb
single leg squat on box
wall ball 15lb
wall sit with 10lb plate
push press 25lb Db

Wednesday got an I don’t think so at 4:50 a.m. Tuesday night was unpleasant due to work stuffin.

Thursday 9th
warm up 300 jump ropes, 3 x 12 x 33lb bar overhead squat, 5 x 5 hang clean 65lb, 75, 75, attempt 85, 80
4 Rounds:
Group Hang Clean 10 x in 1 min:  1set x 55lb – 3 x 60lb
1:00 treadmill run 1 x 7.5 mph x 5% incline, 2 x 5.6 mph x 10% incline , 1 x wall sit
400 m backward run
single leg jump on 12″ box 10 x ea leg

Friday 10th
warm up CORE
superset 4x:
endurance bench press 10 rep:10 sec hold:10 rep : push up position plank 30 sec
db curl and press 10 x 20lb : overhead tricep extension 30lb to Fatigue (avg 6)
walking push ups, no wts : 1 min plank


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