Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Wait, I work out? Really?

Of course I work out- that way I can justify eating steaks, drinking wine, and eating pizza and hot wings. Derr.

There is a serious lack of workout information for the last several weeks. This is a fitness log? Huh?

Sunday 15th- the short, hot, great fun bike ride with Sarah Smiles. It involved a carry a bike over a pedestrian bridge, getting very intimate with my seat when it came loose and tilted in the middle of the ride, and a failed search for breakfast.

Monday got nothin cause I’m lazy like that.
Edit: remembered that I FELT lazy so I walked on the treadmill doing HILLS for about 25 minutes, and did a couple of sprints.

Tuesday- warm up 300 jump ropes
set of push ups: 3 sets, 15 reps of each alternating between chair push ups, feet elevated, chest elevated
5 x 8 single arm bench press, 3 x  25lb, 2 x 30lb dbs
4 x 8/8  military press straight into push press with front plate raises x 10 in between presses
2 x 45lb press : 25lb plate,  2 x 50lb press: 25lb plate
3 x 7:7:7 shoulder complex- 7 front raise-7 lateral raise-7 rotator  10lb for raises but had to go 8lb for rotators

Wednesday got nothin again. See Lazy comment

Thursday- warm up 300 jump rope
1 min each station:1 min rest after all 5 stations complete  4 Rounds (25min)
plate push 35lb
wall ball 15lb
tire flips
squat jump holding 10lb plate
Zots press- front squat then military press while holding the squat-stand holding the press- repeat. Cry.

Friday 20th-
5 Rounds
10 front squats 65lb
20 push ups
30 full sit ups
200m run

finished with 400m warm down jog
added 2 sets of walk the boxes push ups 8,12,18,24 inch boxes lined up-3 push ups on each with feet elevated then back down with chest elevated
2x10x 25lb plate raises in between
2x 30 sec wall sit with 10lb plate overhead.
Then I quit.


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