Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

And the summer is…nearly over

We’ve been a little busy doing things like this:

And witnessing beautiful things:

And having fun like this:

And there just hasn’t been enough time for everything. Blogging is one of those every things.
Before these lovely photos (THANKS! Julia) were taken, there were some actual workout days believe it or not.
Monday June28:
5K partner run. That’s right a 5K run holding a 10lb plate between you and your partner. Soon discovered that it was a little easier to let one person run with the plate and switch off. Defeats the purpose but left shoulders intact
Tuesday 29
500 jump ropes
5 rounds as fast as possible for time:
10 thrusters  (front squat/push press 45lb)
5 pullups ( I used the rubber band on the pullups, weakling)
time 4:58
500 jump ropes
CORE at the end
Wednesday 30
short CORE
2 rounds with 3:00 at each station :30work :10rest
plyo board call outs
plyo machine call outs
box jumps
jump rope
jump machine
treadmill fast run
Friday July 2nd
Pinnacle trip with Libi- my neice. That adventure deserves its own post. It’ll happen eventually.
Tuesday 6th
100 sit ups
500 jump rope
3 Rounds:
21 sec 21% incline run @ 7mph
400m backward run
21 single leg jump 1 x 75lb, 2 x 60
400m forward run
21 box jumps
21 wall balls 12lb
Wednesday 7th
2.5 mile run in the mid day heat
1.5 hr mountain bike ride- road and Pfiefer loop track in the p.m.
forgot to write down Thursday and Friday oops
Sunday 11th
Trail work and mountain bike in the a.m.
4 mile run/hike at Seven Hollows yeehaw
Tuesday 13th
500 jump rope
100 sit up
5×5 bench press 85lb
5×5 push press 55lb
5  Rounds  of push ups on various height boxes with plate raises in between. It still hurts
Wednesday 14th
8 rounds of :30work :30 to transition to next station (not rest according to the Man)
plate push 35lb
tire press (4 per group)
tire flip
box jump
wall sit w/plate hold
Whew. I’m tired now.

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