Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Work Out- Catch Up

Tues June 15:
 warm up with tough CORE work
12 x 200m laps, alternating running forward and backward with call outs every 45 seconds. Jump squats, push ups, jacks, or lunges.

CORE again
5 rounds:
200m run
50 wall balls (12lb)
50 yd plate push (35lb)

2 rounds:
Partner run holding a 45lb plate between 2 people 400 m
partner curl 30lb bar 10,9,8,7,…1  (1 works while the other person rests passing the weight back and forth)
partner run backward holding plate 200m
partner tricep extension 25lb bell

Mon June 22:
Warm up: jump rope 3 min, 2 x 10 overhead squat PVC pipe *7lb?, 2 x 10 front squat 45lb bar

100 backboard slaps
100 jump rope both feet, 50 on each leg
single leg squat x 50 each leg
plyo jump 10×10 105lb
lateral box jump 3 x 30sec

circuit 20sec work: 10sec rest for 4min
jump rope
400m forward run, 400m backward- have 4 min to complete, any time left to rest
bench press x 25lb DBs to 20lb after 4th set
push press x 45lb bar
alternate heavy bag punch and squat jumps
plate push 35lb for 3 min (had to dash, late for the bus)

2 mile jog/walk at 11 a.m. in the heat. Not a great idea.

jump rope 3 min
bench press 5,4,3..1 from 65 up to 95lb
100 chair push ups, set of 20 then sets of 10-15 at a time
curls- 45lb to failure, 35lb to failure, 5lb bar with partner resisiting-x8
2 x 1:00 plank in push up position, 1min rest between

20 oz. curls with Sarah Smiles on the deck at Senor Tequila’s. Can you say “negate all workouts for the week”?
Hoping for a little Pinnacle this weekend!


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