Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Row, Row, Row the boat….

Or machine. Whichever.
400 rows on machine
50 wall balls 15lb
300 rows
50 box jumps 18inch
200 rows
1 min heavy bag punches
100 count jump rope
200 m backward on elliptical resistance @level4
50 box jump
300 m bw
50 wall balls 12lb
200 m bw

Tuesday: at work-
20 min on treadmill-4 min w/u, 12 min hill intervals 3.7 mph, 4 min jog 6 mph
CORE , 50 ea seated twist, toe touches w/ 10 lb plate and  50 seated knee tucks
20 pushups : surrenders x 10lb DBs x 2
15 tricep pulldown : 25 mtn climbers ea leg x 2
20 fast squats : 10 dumbbell chest press 25lb x 2

Wednesday-warm up on agility ladder
sprints and back pedals
4 warm up sprints 7.5 mph
5 sets of 15 sec work: 10 sec rest backpedal 4.5-5 mph  (2:05 ea set)
4 sets backpedal 15 sec forward 15 sec 4.5 mph: 9 mph (2:00 ea set)
3 cool down runs x 20 sec ea

Thursday- warm up on ladder
2 rounds:
tire flips x 15
plate push 40 yds x 25lb
heavy bag punch 1 min
plyo jumps x 20 x 105lb
jump rope 2 min
wall sit w/ 25 lb plate overhead 2 min  ( I had to do it in 30-40 sec intervals. it hurt)
chair push ups x 20

Thursday night workout at Faded Rose included a bottle of wine and Red Beans and Rice with Andouille. And then unexpected visitors.

Friday- no workout. I’m sure that’s a shocker

Saturday- 2.5 hours of walk, jog and climb at Pinnacle Mountain. I’ve missed my outdoor gym and could tell I haven’t done it enough lately.


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