Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

The Fun Stuff

There were much more interesting events this week than workouts. Like a sports banquet that involved a slight disagreement over the length of a skirt. Which turned out to be pointless since apparently the parents of every single 14 year old girl on the planet had this same argument this week. And a piano recital. And more trail work. But that can wait until I have cleaned up pictures and video.

Mon: warm up was knee lifts, hip swings, walking lunges etc. to get ready for this-
50 reverse lunges 25 ea leg
50 split jumps
50 tractor tire flips with jumps (flip it, jump in the tire, jump out)
managed 30 in the first set but at some point, several people were stuck on flips because it took the most time so we had to all take turns on one tire, yes that’s right, me and the boys flippin the same tire
uphill run 20% incline 5mph 2 x 50 sec
50 tire flips (no jump)  did 20 in the first set
50 single leg press-25 ea leg, 75lb

run, flat, 8.5 mph x 50 sec    9 mph x 50 sec
got 20 more tire flips + jumps in
50 plyo jumps x 90lb
finished tire flips x 30

Tues: warm up knee lifts, hip swings and jump rope
should have been a 5k run but used the rowing machine again instead of running on asphalt, fasciitis still an issue
500 rows, 20 push ups, 500 rows, 20 push ups, 250 rows, 20 pushups

Wed: warm up with CORE
3 rounds of 20 sec work: 10 sec rest for 4 min at each station (that equals an hour, I did the math 🙂  )
agility ladder with 4 long jumps at the end
plyo board jumps
plyo machine hops x 150lb
box jumps, 2 x 12 @24in, 1 x12 @18in, 1 x 12 @12in, 1 x 12 @ 8in…not timed, if you could do them fast, you could rest until the next round started
jump rope

Plyo board- diamond shape on a wooden (think basketball court) platform with 1,2,3,4 in a cross. Each time we’d get a combo call like 1-2 or 1-2-4, and jump only on those numbers so it’s front and back or side to side or side front back.  Plyo machine has you on your back with a weighted platform at your feet. for this one, the numbers like the plyo board are on this platform to. Lift the weight by straightening legs then hop between the numbers called. Not as easy as it sounds! I really liked this workout- I have terrible verticle so I need stuff like this.

skipped Thurs
Fri: warm up with CORE
4 rounds of
500 rows
30 kettlebell swings x 20lb
10 pullups (assisted with band)
30 full situps

Saturday was trail work, got about 2.5 hours in before I had to come home to get ready for the small one’s piano recital.
Who knows what will happen today. Could be a bike ride, could be much needed yard work. Pretty sad that we’ve been working on trail so much that the “wilderness” looks better than our yard.


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