Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

2 Lazy 2 Blog Workout

Busy or Lazy. I could go either way. I’m having issues with foot pain (fasciitis), so I had to replace all the running exercises with something else, like rowing or elliptical. And I missed blogging the workouts the last 2 weeks so here we go:

Monday 19th
warm up: CORE and 4 x 8 hang clean 1 x 65lb, 3x 75lb
3 Rounds of:
group hang clean x 10 x 75lb
200 rows on rowing machine
15 single arm push press 20lb DBs
200m backwards on elliptical
tuck jumps x 20
It was supposed to be 5 rounds but I had to get to carpool so I did 2 more rounds at work in the afternoon

Tuesday 20th
warm up CORE
5 Rounds of : 1 min at each station, 1 min rest after completion of all 5  
Box Jump 18 inches
wall ball 12lb
plate push 35lb
jump rope (try for at least 100 jumps)
push press 65lb

Wednesday 21st
warm up CORE
30 minutes to do as many rounds as possible- I got 3 1/4
15 single arm snatch each arm 25lb
200 rows
15 kettlebell swing 20lb
10 pushups, 10 chair pushups, 10 clapping pushups ( i had to do the clapping ones on my knees, grr)

Mountain bike for about 45 minutes in the evening- easy pace

Friday 23rd
1 1/2 mile on the elliptical with call outs (stop to do whatever C says do: pushups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc)  50 tire flips to be done any time. I did 20 in the middle of the “run” and 30 after.

Monday 26th
warm up CORE
20 minutes- as many rounds as possible
10 lat pulldowns 70lb
10 push ups
15 squats with 12lb DBs

Friday 30th
warm up CORE
Jump rope- 1 min dbl foot jump, 30 sec right leg, 30 sec left.  2 min rest, REPEAT
1 min dbl foot jump, 30 sec shuffle jump, 30 sec dbl under- which I could NOT do. Kept whacking my ankles with the rope.  2min rest REPEAT
20 sec work 10 sec rest x 8 intervals (4 min of ea exercise)
push up
full sit up
walking lunge


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