Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Christmas in Candlelight

Christmas in Candlelight at Washington State Park was absolutely awesome again this year. This year we were a quartet, having invited one of the small one’s friends along for the ride. The girls had a busy morning of placement testing for High School. Terrifying Tales of Adventures in Arithmetic and Literacy kept us entertained thru a quick lunch before we left Little Rock for the drive to Washington. A lecture on reading instructions before beginning a test was served up for dessert.

The first thing the girls found inside the old courthouse was this checkerboard. While J and I were perusing the gift shop and visiting with folks we only see once in a blue moon, the girls took on a marathon checker game. We had to go prod them out of the seats and force them out into the very cold but sun filled day.
One of the small one’s favorite things in the park is this beautiful old Magnolia tree. I know it might not be proper grammar to capitalize Magnolia but look at it? It deserves a capital M.

It was planted in 1839 and is on the Register of Historic Trees. I know, I didn’t realized there was a registry for historic trees either.

This lovely maid has “knees” that surround her, keeping her upright, and  leaving enough room for a multitude of children and adults to play in her shelter.

Go ahead and say “WOW”.
Just WOW.
In the evening, more than 3000 luminaries line the sidewalks all thru the park. It is absolutely breathtaking.
I don’t have any night time pictures to post because we were oh so busy doing things like this. Shoveling EarthQuake Cake in our mouths following the dinner of ham, dressing, potatoes both white and sweet, corn, green beans, mmmmm biscuits and 2 count them 2 kinds of gravy at the buffet at Williams’ Tavern. Before and after dinner we were serenaded by a quartet and a choir. Lovely! Last year there were carolers in period costume singing while we waited.
Lest you think it’s all about food, because I know that with our family, it sometimes is…
Elsewhere in the park is a working blacksmith shop, several historic homes, a candleshop and a print shop that contains some very old and interesting printing machinery. They have a press that was actually unearthed in Murphreesboro that people thought was a headstone because the only part showing above the earth does indeed resemble a tombstone. Cool. There is also a weapons museum at the park and the park is home to a School of Bladesmithing.
In the evening hours, many of the churches and the old WPA gymnasium play host to school and church choirs. The small one had a friend singing in the Bryant High School Choir so we stayed to watch their performance.
Oh my Lordy, peeps! 
Our evening would not have been complete if we had missed these Gentlemen (notice the improper use of capitalization again, and again, it is deserved). The Hempstead County Melody Boys made our evening. In the middle of their set, the small one leans over with her iPod Touch in hand and on it is this note:  
“The Banjo Player is the BEST Thing EVER.”
Bless you Mr. Charlie Webb, wherever you are tonight.
Personal Note to The Park Wife herself…we’re so sorry we missed out on fun and fellowship while we were in your neck o the woods. So to The Park Wife, Big Buckaroo and the little Buckaroos- NEXT TIME!

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