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Who came dressed as a pumpkin muffin?

Thanksgiving. What a boring holiday. As if I need an excuse to overeat? We did have a pretty good time this year. J and I went for a short bike ride, then we joined the small one for some monopoly and bocce ball. In the evening we went for a late turkey dinner at a friend’s house. And ate too much. As usual.

There was all the usual fare, ham, turkey, dressing, potatoes both mashed and sweet. Pioneer Woman’s Wild Rice and Corn Casserole was a big hit, at least with my family, they gobbled it. Then there was homemade pecan pie and raspberry pie. We had no pumpkin pie yesterday- but we did have pumpkin muffins. I made them from the pumpkins we managed to save from the cannibal pumpkin in the picture. He wanted to eat them all.

You never know what to expect when you invite people over for Halloween.
This is Pumpkin Pie Spice.  Looks more like Scary Spice to me but….

Poor Pumpkin Pie Spice Girl. She had a terrible time fighting the men off all night long. She’s sooo hawt…impossible to resist. I think her real name is Shawnda.

Bat Chips and Squash “Brains”  Yummy Mummy!
Boogers on a Stick and Ghosties, sweet.
Luckily, the night did not end this way for any of  our ghoulish friends. Except for the pumpkin.

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One thought on “Who came dressed as a pumpkin muffin?

  1. Yes, compared to your Halloween style, TksGvng must be a bore 😉 I'm still bummed that our visit was trumped by… um, best not go there…

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