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Beer Fairies: Figment of the Imagination?

This past weekend was the end of the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series with the Atilla the Hun race at Cedar Glades Park in Hot Springs. I have never participated in, nor  have I even been a spectator at this race but I’ve heard good things about it.  We love Cedar Glades. It’s one of the first trails I ever rode and it has grown and changed by leaps and bounds since then. The trails are well kept and always in great shape. There is plenty of technical difficulty and some sweet rolls here. It also has a disc golf course, BMX track, climbing wall and a remote control airfield. Nothing like getting buzzed by small (very small) aircraft while riding a bike.

There was a rumor that the famed Arkansas Beer Fairies would show up at the race. I think they have become the stuff of legends.

The fairies situated themselves at the top of a hill that back in the day was known as “Heart Attack”. The trail has been changed somewhat and the hill isn’t quite what it used to be but it’s still a climb. Imagine the surprise those poor souls got as they start pushing and working up that hill and they hear cowbells and fairy voices screaming “huhp huhp, get on up here, we’ve got your beer!”

It seems the fairies weren’t the only ones in wings that day. I think the wings made him ride faster. Wings and Fairy Beer. The stuff champeens are made of.

Post Race- the Fairies took a lap on the course, alas, they once again became the elusive creatures they’re meant to be and no one could capture a picture. How do they ride in those tutus?


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2 thoughts on “Beer Fairies: Figment of the Imagination?

  1. I love the fairies… Especially the pink one :p

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