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Pioneer Woman Part Deux

Now I can “finish” my Ree Drummond book signing story.  When I heard she was coming to Little Rock to sign her cookbook, I knew I had to go. If not for myself, for my S-I-L Julia. She is a fantasmic photographer and was enjoying Ree’s photography and tips. She introduced me to Ree’s site for the recipes because she knows how much I love to cook. I have often gone to The Pioneer Woman for recipes. Of all the recipes  from her site that I’ve attempted , not a single one has been a failure. Most have been wildly successful in fact. Which brings us to the story of …. duhn duhn duhhhhhhnnn
The Great Bourbon Sweet Potato Disaster of ’07
Thanksgiving 2007. My S-I-L and her 2 precious small ones were driving about 7 hours to spend the holiday with us. I was frantically searching for recipes because…I couldn’t possibly dream of having a “typical” turkey dinner with comp’ny comin’. I found what looked like an easy sweet potato recipe that did not involve marshmallows. Nothing against that gooey goodness, I was just trying to be ummm I dunno, sophisticated? The recipe called for GOOD bourbon. I don’t know what that means. I bought cheap stuff. I figured, the recipe calls for only a little bit and it bakes out right? Smarty pants that I am, I put dinner together the night before so it would be less hassle the next morning. Oh no. Huge mistake. That cheap bourbon clung to those potatoes like a silk suit in summertime. Even after baking them, those sweet potatoes smelled up the entire room like a drunk tank at 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning. They had to go in the trash. Outside.  I have not lived that one down yet! Probably never will.

So I had to get Ree to sign that cookbook because even 2 years later…I am still trying to make up for those potatoes.

Needless to say, 2008 meant the dinner was traditional in every sense. Well except that I had to cook the turkey on the grill because my oven is too small (I have a 70’s era kitchen people!).  I greased that bird up good with some rub from Williams Sonoma, no scrimping on the good stuff, unlike the bourbon. It was delish.

Thanksgiving 2009 plans? The Chinese Buffet. Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Folks, it’s all good!!

P.S. Everyone knows I’m not a good photographer. The pictures were taken by my S-I-L, THANKS J!


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  1. Here's a thought for your turkey ;)

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