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A Mother’s Guilt

I’m a mom. I feel guilty. A lot. For what I give my daughter, for what I don’t, for the way I talk to her and for not being able to ease my frustration.
This past weekend I grounded her from going to anyone else’s house because it seems she is always gone on the weekends. Teenagers, right?  She told me her friends were working on a video for school. It is  anti bullying week and the girls wanted to make something special.When I asked if it was an assignment she said “no” so I didn’t let her go.  I heard her on the phone on and off all weekend. I heard her say “I’m sorry but I really can’t come over” and things like “that song is perfect”. 

THIS VIDEO is what she and her beautiful friends were making. I feel guilty that she had to be involved over the phone. I feel, like a bully.

When I stop crying, I will apologize for not listening.


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2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Guilt

  1. Ooooohhhh… that hurts sooo bad 😦 methinks a lesson has been learned on BOTH sides… humble pie and hugs.

  2. Oh, don't feel so bad, who ever said to be a mom you had to be perfect. If we did, we would have never had kids, who will grow up to be awesome people… but still not perfect either. Hugs.

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