Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

My Favorite Gym

We are so lucky to have this park  in our back yard. Well, a 15 minute drive from our backyard. The 223 mile Ouachita Trail starts (or ends) here. We have so many hiking or running options: follow the OT for a couple of miles then head up Pinnacle or around the base trail or continue to follow the OT out for as many miles as we can stand. For Thanksgiving 3 years ago, we took the small one on her first overnight backpacking trip along 21 miles of this trail, ending at Pinnacle Mountain.
11-06. I can’t believe that little girl is now taller than I am.
Yesterday was a beautiful fall day in Arkansas. Temps in the upper 60s by mid day, sunny, gorgeous. J and I headed over to my favorite outdoor gym. We started at the Visitor’s Center and the OT trail head then  picked up the East Summit Trail up and over the mountain.  We stopped to chat with a friend just as the steep boulder climb starts, I am always up for a chat with a friend but I HATE getting passed. This guy comes flying by taking those boulders like they were office bldg stairs. RRRRRR, it’s ON! I didn’t catch him of course, but it did give me someone to chase.
At the top…I stopped to help a family take pictures. A set of 3 siblings that grew up in LR but had spread to Texas and Missouri with one staying put. And kids galore. Oh my. I hope those photos turn out, it was tough to get that many people in the photo, kids had to be wrangled, the wind was whipping and I am not a great photographer!
In the time it took the family to get situated, J had made it up and decided to take a picture of me taking a picture. Yes, I had 2 cameras-it was a big family remember?

This workout was turning into a social event! On the way down we ran into an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in 4 years.  He was taking his 7 an 9 year old girls and 2 friends up the West Summit. That’s a tall order for one man! By the time we hit the bottom and turned onto the Base Trail I was ready to run again and I went for it. I often fall on this trail. I think it’s because I was doing it early in the mornings for a long time. Once I even jumped the gate at 6 a.m. to get on the trail. Ssshh don’t tell on me. I din’t fall today! I can do it without being a total clutz!

Ah the end is near, but it involves up. This is always tough no matter how long or short the hike has been. This one was shorter than my normal “alone” route. But it still hurt in the end. We stopped in at the VC to clean up a little and to start gift buying for Christmas. Ozark Soaps are great as small gifts or included in baskets.      I knew that lady at the gift shop thought it was a bit gross that I washed my face in the rest room, then when I came out and J was talking to her about what we had been doing all morning, she said “Oh no wonder you were washing up!” Yeah, sunshine, dirt, and running kind of make that necessary.
Note of apology to everyone in Fresh Market and IO Metro:  I’m really sorry you had to smell me. I promise I don’t always look or smell like that. You always see me that way because your stores are on the way  home from Pinnacle and I feel compelled to stop no matter how gross I am.

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