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Fallen off the Wagon

Or the mountain bike. Whatever.

I think I’ve been trying to block out this little tidbit. In rediscovering my much neglected blog, I realized I wrote an entire post about our trip to the Syllamo without mentioning something very important.

The Syllamo Broke My Finger.
So I had a little accident about 3 miles into the all day ride. So what. I have little oopsies all the time right? Unfortunately, this one involved getting my pinky finger stuck in a pile of wood debris while sliding head first down an embankment. It’s not as bad as it sounds Mom, I promise. Except for the breaking the finger part. Really, it dislocated then snapped back into place so I thought it would be okay. When we got back to the car to stop for lunch I just had J buddy tape it and we rode the rest of the afternoon. The next morning my finger was swollen and blue so I went in to the Dr. to be safe. I had an avulsion fracture. I really wish I had the x-rays. So cool! This little bone fragment floating out there in my knuckle space was causing all the trouble. It didn’t hurt when I did it or during the night but man was it hurting by day 2 after all the poking and prodding. Splint and compression bandages for 8 weeks, no weight lifting and I couldn’t really grip all the way or straighten it all the way without pain so no more crossfit workouts for a while.

Excuses. I luv em. I used the broken finger as an excuse not to workout. But I cooked and cleaned and even did an Adventure Race (without training for it of course) and had an awesome Halloween party that deserves its own post. And then I got the croup. Maybe the flu, maybe just a nasty cold. Whatever, it kicked my butt for a week and a half. Better now. Playing catch up.

Tonight: Pioneer Woman’s Red Pepper Risotto
Tomorrow: Garlic Smothered Chicken with New Potatoes. And I’m going to attempt this. Yes the cooking bug is back in full force. I am so happy to have family and friends that can appreciate.
Excuse me, I have to go infect cells with a nasty cow pox now. Later.


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3 thoughts on “Fallen off the Wagon

  1. OH HAI!!!!! You're still with us! hooray!

  2. The x-ray would have been cool to see, but post the Halloween party pictures. I love to entertain, so it is fun to see others party pictures. Have a great weekend,The Park Wife

  3. Fish- here is where I feel gulity to use not having the use of my pinky finger as an excuse not to blog. Or cook. Or workout. The first 2 are valid-it's hard to type or use knives with no pinky, try it! the last….just an excuse. You kicked cancer's a^& , got run over by a truck and blogged about. 🙂 My pinky is in awe of you sirrah.

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