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Good Grief Charlie Brown

Forgive me, it’s been 2 months since my last confession.

Life has been pretty busy. Okay maybe I just figured I’m talking to myself so much of the time that it wasn’t worth it. I mean seriously, when I have 2 maybe 3 people who read my drivel while the pioneer woman gets like 2 bazillion comments a day, it really does bring things into perspective. I don’t post pictures, mostly because I’m not the one who usually takes them and I rarely take the time to “fix” the ones I do have access to in order to post them here. I could talk about cooking but since I broke my finger ahem 2 months ago, I haven’t been getting the cooking bug as often as I used to.

I have been reinvigorated though. Because Monday night the Pioneer Woman herself was appearing at my local WalMart to sign her book. I had to drive the bus that day so I couldn’t possibly leave work early. I hurried from the parking lot and was making good time until I saw the flashing blue lights. There were accidents in 2 places on my route to The Wal Marts. A 20 minute trip took 50 minutes. Aaarrrgh. So I got in line at the BACK of the store. And didn’t move for over an hour. My sweet Babou even decided (after much begging and whining) to come up and keep me company for a few minutes, bring me a camera, and a happy meal lest I fall down from hunger WITH A COOKBOOK IN MY HANDS. J didn’t stay long. It was estrogen ocean. There was one lone Asian man in line with a nice camera but I think that’s another story. By then I had managed to befriend a couple of women in line and it was getting to be mighty entertaining. We got to meet Malboro Man, the Pioneer Woman’s main squeeze. I always figured she only posted the most flattering pictures of him, his forearms, his butt in chaps, etc. Nope, he really is that handsome in person. And rather charming. Big surprise, right?

3 and 1/2 hours later I was finally headed home for the evening. When my sweet babou said to me “did you see what our daughter wrote on Facebook while you were gone tonight?” First I said “she’s not supposed to BE on facebook on a school night!” then I read the post. And had to forgive her.

” Dear Family, So I squished this bug. And it is STILL twitching. It’s guts are kind of coming out of the sides. Mm, tasty….. Yes, I’ll probably get in trouble for: A) Leaving it sitting here.B) Staining the carpet with its guts.C) Killing it with a perfectly good notepad.or D) All of the above!Sorry about the stain…Love, Your Kid.”

That was a note I wrote to my parents.
Aren’t I just so considerate?

It was a good night.


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5 thoughts on “Good Grief Charlie Brown

  1. I'd have forgiven her too; best post evar! Double points if it had been a spider; I'd buy her candy even. =)

  2. I read you on Bloglines… bet you have at least 1 million others that do also… and it doesn't show up on your stats… you may even have more than PW! Speaking of which, guess I'll have to think of something else for your Xmas present… it's highly recommended for gift giving. I amused many of my FBers with Mc's roach story… got big laughs 😉

  3. I check every day to read your posts. Keep 'em coming.D

  4. I have found your blog and now I will stop by. Since Ree posted my link this morning I have had over 5,000 hits, more than I have had in 2 years! Crazy! Glad to find another Arkansas blogger!The Park Wife

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