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fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

A Week Without the Small One

This week I am recieving daily (or almost daily) updates from Wisconsin and Minnesota. The small one was offered a very, very generous vacation via accompanying her sweet friend Al, her brother, Dad, Gma and Gpa in their MotorCoach from LR to Duluth. I haven’t seen her pictures yet, but since she called me to ask what the procedure was if you see a bear in the woods, I’m guessing there might be some real doozies. They stayed a couple of nights in a cabin on the Wisconsin edge of the lake. Hence the request for bear knowledge to be imparted. Apparently there were good trees to be climbed and she was told to make sure she didn’t climb one with a bear already in it. I wonder if she ever climbed a tree after that warning?

A’s Gma told me they were going to visit this bridge and take a lake cruise. This is gorgeous, I hope the small one remembered to take her own pictures.

The Trip, capitalized because it is a Trip not a trip, also included 2 nights in a suite inside the Mall of America. Oh me. Oh my. The phone call today at noon revealed that all but pocket change of the money she started out with has now been spent. Mostly on clothes. Ugh. I hope SOME of the lecture about buying things that will last as memories sunk in and it isn’t all consumables. And what is this Minnesota Sushi she’s raving about? Something about smoked walleye and some kind of roe that she can’t pronounce. Only a 13 year old girl can go from Urban Outfitters clothes to smoked walleye in the same breath.
I am ready for her to come home. She has 4 more days. And no money. Ha. She must learn to budget someday. I hope.


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One thought on “A Week Without the Small One

  1. What a great summer she's having!

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