Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Weekend Drives

Friday started off good with a nice 2 hour workout in my favortie gym…Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Heat was a bit heavy even at 9 a.m. but worth every drop of sweat.
Left LR about 3 for the drive to Fayettville. Dinner with the oldest (and tallest of our little family unit) on a lovely early evening on the patio of Hog Hause. We had one short cry over a spilt beer knocked over by wind and an errant menu but oh what yummy food! After dinner we were on to see a play where I completely obliterated my workout with a piece of opening night cake and a box of cracker jacks-oh yeah! BLEACHER BUMS is a play about a group of fans watching a Chicago Cubs game. The audience is facing the bleachers on stage as if they are on the field looking back at the fans. The Tall One was the head Scenic Designer for this play. Oooh Aahh. Well done! I had to ask how she made plywood look exactly like cement bleachers but she wouldn’t share much of her secret.
Afterward we met some friends for more fun and frolick but mostly people watching on Dickson St. I am very thankful that The Tall One has mentioned she doesn’t spend much time down on Dickson except for the theater and the bookstore since I watched many young women her age stumble, fall, sit on the ground and/or generally make asses of themselves. Very proud of her maturity.
After a very fitfull night of sleep due more to J’s painkiller induced snoring than the bed lovingly provided by our friends, we drove thru Rogers to see the new Visitor’s Center at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area on Sat morning. WOW- they did a fine job and I highly recommend a stop if you’re up near Rogers or War Eagle. We’re already planning a backpacking trip on one of the many trails up there. I’ve only mountain biked a tiny little portion of what’s available. Now you can catch the multi use trails from the parking lot of the visitors center. Noice.
Heading out for a trip to drop the small one ( but not shortest one ) off to go to Math and Science camp for a week. Hope she learns something!


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