Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Work Out Ketchup

or is it Catsup. Oh well

Saturday J needed to go “walk” around one of the parks looking at potential mountain bike trails. I decided that I needed more than a walk and I have a new back pack that hasn’t been tested so he helped me load it with somewhere around 25 lbs of weights and towels. 90% of the trekking was completely off trail so balance etc was a workout of its own making. Only did about 3.5 miles but that was plenty.

Sunday went out to Pinnacle Mountain (AGAIN), one of our favorite places to get a workout. By starting at the visitor center and heading down to the East Summit trail, up and over, down the West and around the West Base trail and back up the OT to the visitors center we got in 5 miles. I tried to run as much as possible, I didn’t run up the East Summit Trail or the stairstep finish at the OT but most everything else was at a run.

Tuesday wanted a run when the sun finally came out but the legs said “no way woman”. I didn’t hurt, they just felt so darn heavy. I went for a very slow jog for a mile then headed indoors for some upper body/core strength training and finishing with hills 5-8% on the treadmill at a fast walk for about 10 minutes and a minute of butt kicks.

Wednesday was 30 minutes on the stairmaster doing random intervals. Haven’t done this in a while and it felt pretty good. Then into the weight room to work upper body not worked yesterday (back mostly).
But then…I made a yummy dinner of grilled fish tacos with chili lime cream and baked fudge. I ate 2 ramekins of the fudge. Well, there were 4 and only 3 people…someone had to do it.


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One thought on “Work Out Ketchup

  1. good blog, looking forward to you visiting my blog and keeping up with my workouts as I will follow this blog too…blessings

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