Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Food Should Not be the Enemy

I’ve been having food issues and someone sent me an email about how women diet that kind of made me think I’m not the only one who does this. What happens is I’m good all day and then after dinner-it just goes downhill, I can’t stop. That and the fact that we’ve used “celebrations”
as a reason to have 2 very heavy and decadent evenings out at Bosco’s this past week…and I’m afraid all recent weight control gains have been erased. I don’t know that. I’m boycotting the scale right now. I hate the scale. Back to workouts-

Friday-rest day along with the 2nd trip to Bosco’s in a week, this time as a going away for C and M who are moving to Mississippi. And she thought she had issues with Arkansas being backwater. Ha. OMG I love Bosco’s Black Magic beer. Did get an upper body workout holding a very wiggly and jumpy Emma in my lap. Emma is an almost 1 year wiggly worm daugheter of a coworker.

Saturday- a lazy morning and a long afternoon at Home Depot and Target led to a short night ride that was mostly slow and easy due to the traffic on the Big Dam Bridge and the lack of light on the return. Honestly I was still sore from Wednesday’s workout. Man…won’t do that again anytime soon. Did inspire me to finally go buy a foam roller!! I’ve been saying I need one for months. Feels good.

Sunday- started out a bit late but got in almost 5.5 miles of trail, most of it jogging/running with some fast hiking on the tougher hills in there. We set out on the Ouachita Trail, at the spillway so it was fairly rugged with nice rollers and a hill or two. I ended feeling stronger than going out. Went home and worked in the yard for a couple of hours. Had dinner and thus began the feeding frenzy. Guess I’m going to HAVE to start the food diary again, I can’t hold myself accountable otherwise. Shrug.

Monday- back in the pool. I tried to pull some bilateral breathing today and ended up choking in the middle of the first lap. I’m glad the pool was relatively empty. I did a few laps with a pullbuoy, trying to breath on both sides, more to get myself to roll on my non breathing side-I don’t know. This too will take work. Still not totally confident with my endurance. Spent about 40 minutes in the pool but spent time adjusting and trying out different things versus just going for as long as possible and I still came up breathing hard and could not stop sweating when I got out. Tried treading water because to be honest-I don’t know how. That’s hard. I felt silly but I have to learn somehow.


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4 thoughts on “Food Should Not be the Enemy

  1. Lisa-Food rocks. No need to beat your self about about something we all need. How about one more celebration? I sent this to your hubby too!We're doing a costume ride Oct 19th @ 3PM. Easy slow loop of the Rivertrail with a hotdog cookout after. Get me an email address for you (bmph8ter at gmail dot com) & I'll forward you the info.Be there or be square!!!Aaron

  2. Thanks A- always up for riding. Just wondering if anyone has dared a “lady Godiva” costume on a ride? hehehehe

  3. No lady Godiva costume yet. Will you be the first? We did have a hot raggedy ann & dead school girl last year. Pics in my Picasa album if you’d like to see them.

  4. Cool Pics-I’d forgotten (luckily) how scarey Sarah was last year. My friends are still talking. I’ve been dared to try to pull of a Peg Bundy costume. I’m thinking…

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