Frenetic Fitness

fre·net·ic /frəˈnetɪk/ done very fast and with a lot of energy, often by someone who is in a hurry.

Workout Backlog

Too many other things going on to post a workout log so playing catch-up.

Sunday- after the clouds parted, it turned into a beautiful day. Spent time cleaning up limbs and debris from all over the yard then went out for our favorite trail workout-Pinnacle Mtn. The park was crowded. Started on the West side and took the “new” trail around, tried to run as much of it as possible to the East Summit for a good heart pounding climb and back down.

Monday- short 2 mile run on tired legs, tried to do pushups but the wrist was having none of it so I used the captain’s chair for ab work and the gravitron for assisted pullups and dips

Tuesday-back in the pool the indoor pool has been reopened but it was like 80 degrees in there! Ugh. I was braced for a cold outside swim and would have preferred it. I got in a good 45 minutes with a few rests. Tried a 50 yd. sprint at the end of the workout. Fast is hard. It took a long time to get a rhythm going this morning. ?


Wednesday- a Jillian workout that I should not have done. I tried her hardcore route of repeat circuits and failed out on the end. Couldn’t finish though I was also running out of time. I am so sore. Let’s just say it involved multiple sets of leg presses, jump squats, jumping rope, static lunges and one leg squats. And that’s just the lower body-the upper wasn’t much better. Ouch. These workouts need to hold off now until winter-I should be running or biking now.

Thursday- Went for a late afternoon swim. Was going for distance after warming up but got interrupted at 400yds by a guy needing to share a lane. Then he started lapping me. I got in about 1000 yds total, albeit with rests. The water is WAY too warm. Heard others complaining too.


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